84909_orig.jpg2013 is now behind us on the planetary timeline, and wow, what a year.

For those aligned to a spiritual path, and aware of the happenings here on Earth, I don’t feel that the knowledge has actually made the process any easier.

Apart from a brief lull at the start, the entire year was dedicated to removing all of the personal, energetic structures that have so effectively held souls captivated by the illusions of the third dimension.

It is my belief that these are now safely down, and that 2014 is the year that we all start filling our set roles here on Earth.

There is still a lot of work to do, there always is. Having a physical body and choosing to incarnate in a structure designed to teach via polarity means that the process is continuous.

Energy never rests, it continuously evolves to fill its Highest Aspect and that is precisely what we are all doing with every second spent here.

The difference with this year to last year, is that the Higher Realms have now also completed the majority of their energetic changes to the Gaia Crystalline Matrix, and are ready for all of us to set the new tone here on this planet.

As I have said before, this is down to us. We are the Walking Masters, the new creators. We know instinctively the life we wish to lead, it’s our Christ Consciousness instinct, and with new energies comes fresh determination.

Our creationary powers are now reflecting back to us almost instantly. Every single little thought we send out is now re-created by the ever supportive Law of Attraction, and manifested in our reality at a rate that has not been experienced since the golden peak of Atlantis.

We have been handed back this power, along with our twelve chakras/twelve strand DNA for a very good reason.

Because we are now evolved and responsible enough to use it, the 260,000 year experiment is finally concluded and we are all ready as a Unified Family of Light, Living Christ Consciousness, to experience the next phase.

As a matter of duty, it is my urge to express to all, to continue to focus on matters only pertaining to Love.

As the 3D structures continue to dissolve, the temptation to be distracted by drama, ‘real life stuff’ negativity and so forth will persist and continue if an individual allows them to do so.

Unified Consciousness focused on Love creates more Love, as focus on other matters will also create more of the same.

So stay focused. Eye on the prize, and don’t waver.

Sometimes, under personal circumstances, everyone can have an off day. That’s fine. Just restart your day once you have returned to Point of Centre. The Higher Realms are here to help all of us stay aligned to Source at all times.

So, dear Soul Family. Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

I have solid verification that this is going to be an astonishing, love filled year on this planet. Amazing, miraculous things are going to occur, and will continue to do so.

And the reason for this, is because YOU are going to make this happen.

The Walking Masters of Christ Consciousness.

Much love and many blessings to you all.

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