img_0356.jpgOur world is changing very quickly. Upon the surface it may appear that it is hanging on to its old patterns and modalities, but within the energy structures there are massive alterations taking place.This blog is inspired by a vital question that was raised following a workshop and is intended to shed some light on a subject that can sometimes get a bit confusing.

There are 7.4 billion human souls living on Earth currently, and many more are choosing to join ready for the shift that is taking place. Despite appearances, every single one of those souls is a Master occupying their chosen learning vessel.

Whilst in the third dimension, Earth was THE place to incarnate and progress swiftly on a spiritual level. None of us are here by chance, we are here by choice or to work through the final pieces of a karmic cycle. As far as karmic cycles (or wheels) are concerned, they are coming to an end and we now function with a growing dynamic of Creation and Return.

We all have incredible power. The illusion of the third dimension was faultless in its construction…we were all convinced that we were here at the mercy of whatever power had stuck us on this planet. Limited form, limited bodies, limited connection to Source and virtually no memory of who we really are. Out of this came teams of brave souls who saw glimpses of their true form and acted upon it…the Pioneer groups were born ready to take the ancient teachings and use their growing light to transform a world that had been stuck for over 10,000 years.

During that 10,000 years many illusions had been sewn into the energy bodies of even the brightest lights. With the Cosmic Downpourings of the last four years these shadows and limitations have been brought up for full release, allowing people to reclaim their spiritual heritage and become the Masters that they are born to be.

With power comes responsibility. Upon the activation of the Naval chakra within the 12 chakra system we become (aware) of our limitless connection to All That Is. This chakra has snuck in between the Solar Plexus and the Sacral and was last active in Golden Atlantis. It physically connects us to every single sentient and non-sentient form of life within the Muti-Verse. The trees, plants, insects, animals, people, the mountains..the very fabric of Earth itself. This connection then extends throughout the other dimensions and connects to our Star Brothers and Sisters throughout SpaceTime.

As heart based beings who feel this connection so deeply, it is natural to wish to right the wrongs that we currently see before us. This is perfectly normal as we have begun to FEEL every single little thing that occurs around us.

As from September 2015 the planet moved fully into the energy structures governed by The Law of One. This law is Universal but created for the space that we live in, and when broken down is remarkably simple.






Unconditional Love

(All together…)The Law of One.

The question that was raised after my workshop was one of responsibility. Here is how it is intended to be here, and this is not a ‘fear based’ message it is simple energy dynamics that maybe have been glossed over in the past.

We are responsible for every single thought, word and action that we take here. On a system of instant karmic return we are learning to live in harmony with the planet we live on. Many of us have already accepted greater mantles of responsibility and now use our power for the greater good of those around us.

Healing others and situations is a natural progression right now. We have all needed to heal in some way and this is a deep process, it will continue for some time to come. When we recognise this, it is the first step. Acceptance.

The second step is taking action and working upon the things that have come to the surface to be healed.

The healers (by intention) have vast power. Gone are the days of limited energy flows and reduced chakra activity…this is full on. Whatever we turn our attention to becomes altered the second we focus upon it, with the Universe restructuring its vibration around us.

When we intend to heal others, it must always be with their consent. This is the Law of Responsibility. In many cases this is how it is, and the healer heals having been approached and consulted for their help.

Intending to heal others without their consent must always be done under The Law of Grace. Grace is the energy that comes straight from Source and alleviates the Law of Karma, allowing healing vibrations to flow to where they are needed.

The reason for this law is very simple. When we see another in need, what are we actually ‘seeing’. Do we view that soul as a Master in a process of learning or do we see them as in need of our pity and immediate assistance? This is all a matter of perspective.

When we send healing with the outlook of a Master we are honouring the full capacity of that soul and whatever choices they have made. We offer them Love and Grace and the flow from our heart to bolster their journey, whatever it may consist of.

With the latter, we are often just viewing them as a limited reflection of ourselves and wishing to change a scenario because it makes us feel uncomfortable. When this happens we can sometimes interfere with the choices that soul has made to progress here on Earth.

Every single living breathing being here is on their own individual journey. We are here to assist living on a planet of Free Will and with that comes the responsibility of using our power wisely as we are indeed Powerful!

Whenever sending healing to any person, place or situation always use the Law of Grace. This way the energy goes to exactly where it is needed without interfering with karmic choices that they have made. Where attention goes, energy flows, and everything happening here on Earth is part of a Divine Plan even….. if it may not appear so immediately.

Wishing you all a beautiful New Moon!

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 7/4/16

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