I hope that you all enjoyed a beautiful Christmas! Here is a little something from Archangel Gabriel to set a powerful diamond energy around you and your home/work/meditation space.

Invocation For Archangel Gabriel’s Diamond of Purity.

I (name) call to the full presence of my Highest Self. I lovingly request that my Highest Self integrates with me here on Earth…. now.

I now invoke Archangel Gabriel to place me within a Cosmic Diamond to wash through my bodies and fields daily to keep my chakras bright, pure, and clear.

I call forth to Archangel Gabriel to place a Diamond of Purity around all my living spaces to ensure that I am held in a fifth-dimensional cocoon.

I request that the full power of the Cosmic Diamond be brought into my reality so that I may see, feel, and manifest with diamond sharp precision and clarity.

I call forth to the Diamond Dragons of Archangel Gabriel to permanently clear any lower frequency obstacles from my daily (and nightly) routine.

I call forth the Unicorns to flood through to planet Earth and touch the Hearts of those still sleeping. May Grace now pour forth upon our planet! Now!

And lastly, I (name), dedicate my heart and soul to the Path of Highest Service for myself and for Planet Earth.

As Within So Without

As Above So Below. It Is Done.

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