As we are moving forward so rapidly, and our lives appear to become busier, partly due to the third dimensional aspect of ‘time’ becoming increasingly more linear by the day, I thought I would add a little about keeping the environment around us crystal clear.

The energies reaching our planet to assist with our transition are so varied on a daily basis that Lightworkers may feel a bit like they are in an etheric ‘washing machine’.

The push at the moment is to shake out all the remaining clutter so that our chakra systems are clear for the ascension process.

I notice there is a lot of focus on how well others ‘aren’t’ doing, and yes, on many levels that is our concern, at the end of the day this is our planet and we are all very ready to move on.

There is a specific benchmark that needs to be reached, to ensure that the chain reaction of ascension within us carries the highest frequency possible to those around us.

A cellular chime, in other words, that reacts within the existent Lightbodies of individuals that are struggling or simply fast asleep.

Lead by example.

Teach from the ground up, and straight from the Heart.

This is by far the simplest and most effective way to spread Light to the places where it is most needed.
Most importantly, be vigilant, and keep your eyes on the target at all times. If others around you are acting in a manner that you feel is inappropriate, and sometimes they will, fill that action/reaction with love.

We are the driving force now. We are in charge and every action, word and thought is carving our beautiful new future.

Holding this intention, with our new amplified powers of manifestation, quite literally clears everything around us to allow the Higher Forces to do the work needed.

And it IS working. Believe that.

It’s Crystal Clear.

Love and Blessings

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