Join us for a transformative transmission to receive the blessings of unity and harmony for the New Golden Age.

During the insightful 68 minutes of this pre-recorded transmission, Lovisa, Doni and Tim will share from their wealth of intimate spiritual knowledge and take you on a magical inner meditation journey. Join us to receive powerful Unity codes, sacred colors, and activations for your highest good, all under the guardianship of the Sami Divine Grandmother and beloved Norse All-Father Odin.

You will also be the first to learn about the potent Light of Oneness energy scarf, which was channeled through by us to support the global shift to an age of greater love and oneness. Joining the incredible scarves of Freya, Odin and Yggdrasil, the Light of Oneness scarf supports our return to Unity, Divine Grace, and the True Self.

Discover and receive your uplifting energy scarf to support your spiritual journey here:

With love and blessings!
Tim, Lovisa, & Doni

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