269193_orig.jpgCompletely diverging away from our impending Lunar goodies, and Cardinal Grand Cross to follow, here is a little more from me on the subject of abundance and our new dimension.

Last October, after witnessing those around me struggling with their financial inflow, I created a Huna Prayer for abundance.

Abundance manifests in physical in many forms.

It can come as a new job, a change of location, material possesions, a well needed holiday, new vehicle or anything that is required to survive easily in the confines of everyday reality.

To aquire all of the above, money is needed, and in third dimension this has been rounded up and distributed by an energetically corrupt system, instigated by an establishment of false power.

As most of us reading this are now aware, the balances that have needed correcting are now very close to being weighed and measured. The end result, once this process has occurred, will be completely different to the Earth that has been tolerated and accepted by those living and learning here.

There will be enough for everone. No division, no unfairness, no greed, only unity and love. Its coming, have no doubt in that.

Many souls coming to end of this phase, and living in the new flow of fifth dimensional energy flooding down, are literally caught between three worlds.

The dissapating reality of third, the short lived creationary stopgap of fourth, and very quickly rolling into the birth of the eagerly awaited fifth.

Money/survival, as I have written about previously, is a very good way of forcing final tests and initiations into a short space of time.

These tests are contained within the energy centres of the base and sacral chakras of all human beings, and on some level, at some point during this incarnations or previous ones, we will all have been tested on this.

There are many being tested on this now.

Third dimension starts to close, an unsustaining energy begins to eat its own tail to survive, and the tests lie in ones ability to now create afresh, with the tools and power to do so contained within every single soul on this planet.

Money is my main point of focus today. I have myself wondered frequently recently why, when maintaining a high fifth dimensional frequency, is it so hard to deliver everything that I need to myself?

Very simply, maintaining a focus on the fifth dimension and ascension and rejecting the previous reality, is basically rejecting the flow of energy that is still providing for ones everyday living.

The key is to seamlessly blend the points of reality together, create from fifth, and accept and love the paradigm that still exists around us all.

Third dimension is going no-where. It will continue to exist, just as it always has, to provide continuous learning for those that wish to do so.

It is us, and the new Crystalline Matrix of Gaia that are reforming at a higher level.

For the time being, we will be living, creating and rebuilding alongside each others reality, dipping our toes in when it suits us and something needs correcting with our flow.

I have listened to many points of thought on ‘what makes someone fifth dimensional’, and the most prominant is to leave everything behind that was to do with the third dimension, and do exactly as one pleases.

That may suit certain souls, but it must be noted that walking away from responsibilities created in third does not make one fifth dimensional.

If you created it in third, you are responsible for it in fifth, until the karmic agreement bonding it to you has been seen out.

Being fifth dimensional is based on the light quotient contained within your four body system, nothing else.

I personally believe, on a final note, that the key to this transition comes down to pure love and acceptance.

Love the third dimension, dont reject it, it has served as the most efficient method of spiritual progression in the known Universe.

Use your Source given powers to stand in your Light and bring everything to you that you need.

Focus only on the beauty around you, even if you have to look for it somedays. Source exists in everything around you, no matter the density or the frequency.

And wait for the miracles to flow.

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