img_0297.jpgAs we approach the Full Moon on the 22nd of Feb 2016, we are experiencing an amplification of frequencies that we have never experienced before.Those of you that have read my work on Golden Atlantis will know that I see it as a blueprint for our ascension process. The 1500 years that we spent living fifth-dimensional lives was achieved with a great focus and diligence, but as it transpires there are many differences between then and now.

I remember Atlantis with rose-coloured spectacles, and I am entitled to do so. I lived and worked there for many incarnations, and remember the utter beauty of the place. I am sure many of you reading this will also have your own recollections, the dissolving veils allow us to see with increasing clarity.

From the collections of memories I have accessed, I have chosen the ones filled with light. It is very easy to get drawn into ‘healing’ wounds by experiencing the pain suffered at the time in question. My discourse today is to shed some understanding on this process.

I mentioned that these are very different times. This is so because our planet is no longer a third-dimensional structure, it is now fourth dimensional and rising in vibration daily.

When the Atlantean experiment started 260,000 years ago, it was done so when surrounded by an entirely third dimensional environment. This is what made the operation so challenging as we were manipulating our personal vibrations way beyond that of our surroundings. When Atlantis finally fell we had achieved our aim and constructed the ascension blueprint from which we are now spring-boarding into the Light.

So what makes today so different?

The answer is simple, we have it all on a plate before us… Instead of working tirelessly every day to maintain our frequency, we now have the option of picking our dimensional space the second we open our eyes. Easy-peasy, yes?

Maybe not so much…and the reason for this is also simple from a higher perspective.

The last 10,000 years took their toll on our Emotional bodies. When we incarnate, we do so with a pre-set coding knitted into our four-body system. This is an accumulation of karmic agreements, soul-mission activations (which trigger throughout our lives), Cosmic connections and emotional imprints. The latter are the ones that raise the main issues on our path due to the fact that they stretch back through all of our physical lives.

These are being released right now. Just as we thought the main work has passed another wave arrives, charging to the surface to be dealt with.

I’m choosing to write about this now as I see it affecting many souls around me. I’m not immune to this process either and some days feel like walking in glue, but I have a very effective way of dealing with it.

I don’t dig.

Many souls on our pathway have been led to believe that in order to be spiritual that we have to be perfect, and that perfection is achieved by suffering.

I choose not to suffer…I’ve done my time. Maybe not in this lifetime, but certainly in others.

10,000 years ago I watched my Continent sink below the waves, utterly out of my control, and the lifetimes following this bore the shadow up, until now.

The main thing to remember is that you are perfect EXACTLY as you are. Some days will be utter crap, filled with angry thoughts and exchanges, and you will be relieved to hit your pillow. Other days will be filled with love, light and laughter and you will see clearly the space that we are moving into.

Everything that is happening on our Earth right now is part of the plan. If this doesn’t fit your picture then don’t add anger to it, choose love. There is still a collective 3D blueprint available to tune into, and that’s the main thing to avoid doing because it’s incredibly easy to be distracted.

To conclude I would like to say how wonderfully I think we are doing. The individual and collective progress that I have seen since the Cosmic Moment make it all worthwhile. If we can jump this far in three years, imagine what we can do with the next?

See you all in the field.

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 19/2/16

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