In this video, Tim and Lovisa are talking about Wisdom – and furthermore YOUR own unique wisdom and how important it is to bring it through at this particular time. It is time for us to step into our Power, our Sovereignty and our Mastery and TRUST in the information that we are bringing through.

This wisdom includes the Heart just as much as the Mind, and Tim and Lovisa share with you a beautiful and powerful visualisation with beloved Goddess Quan Yin as our main guide: Reuniting the Heart and Mind in the Temple of the Heart with Quan Yin and Your Atlantean Crystal Skull.

In the video, Lovisa and Tim also share a little bit around the Crystal Skulls as a symbol of Wisdom and their personal journey with and connection to the skulls. In Golden Atlantis everyone had their own Crystal Skull and they were highly adored, respected and loved. The Crystal Skulls are so loving and wise and they long to reconnect with more people now as we are reclaiming our own Golden Wisdom within.

Join Tim and Lovisa for our Zoom online workshop Unlocking Your Golden Inner Wisdom on October 26, 2022. You can read more about this event and book your spot via Tim’s website:…

With much love and golden wisdom,
Lovisa & Tim

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