Ferncorm is an Ascended Master that Tim has never heard of or connected with before but he has made his presence very known (in the middle of the night!).

In this snowy meditation Tim is connecting to Fencorm’s Dome which has been activated in Helsinki alongside the Temple of Sound. The Sound Temple was a massive part of the beautiful workshop held at the Musiikkito, Helsinki, with Lovisa Alvtörn, Anna Indra Larsson, and Jenni Ranta-Kahila.

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1st February – https://www.timwhild.com/events/the-soul-reclamation-pathway/

17th and 18th February – https://www.timwhild.com/events/lymington-lightworker-empowerment-weekend/

29th February – https://www.timwhild.com/events/working-with-the-magic-of-the-world-tree-2024-with-lovisa-alvtorn-tim-whild-part-1-day-out-of-time/

3rd March –https://www.timwhild.com/events/sunday-night-ascension-club-with-tim-whild-event-1-the-3-3-portal/

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