Today is the beginning of a new decade, a new seven-year cycle and Master Builder Year 2020 (22).

There are many exciting changes that we are going to be witnessing but all transformation begins from within. Our vibration will be setting the tone and leading the way!

This is a visualisation to set your energies to the highest octave possible and it can be used whenever you wish to take things up a notch (not just New Years morning).

If you want to hold the energy of this meditation to refresh instantly at any time, choose a piece of quartz (or any other clear crystal) and hold it in your left hand).

  1. Set yourself a sacred space anywhere that you feel comfortable. This can be inside or outside where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Ask your crystal to record, word for word, the energies of the meditation from start to finish and to preserve the recording (this is exactly the same process as recording a film or song on a cd or computer). Ask your crystal to start when you start and stop when you stop…then ask it to hold the recording permanently.
  3. 3. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and bring your intention to your Stellar Gateway chakra a meter above your head, and your Earth Star Chakra below the soles of your feet.
  4. See your Stellar Gateway lighting up pure radiant golden orange…take a few moments to see sacred Light from the highest points in the Universe connecting to it. This is the Universal nourishment that you are receiving and integrating right now.
    State your intention…”I (name) now commit myself to receiving only the highest light in my personal reality…I am fed, nourished and supported by the Universe at all times”.
  5. Now feel your Earth Star chakra lighting up below your feet and feel yourself grounding fully into the highest energies the Mother Earth has to offer. Your Earth Star is now glowing bright silver and connecting to the sacred portals, the Golden Ley System and the fifth-dimensional web of light around our planet. State aloud – “I (name) am fully grounded, fully present and fully anchored into my highest vibration….I am a shining light for my planet and a proud representative of my personal Soul Mission, and for the mission of the Collective”.
  6. Take a deep breath in and out and bring your attention to your Soul Star chakra eighteen inches above your head….see it glowing a bright magenta-blue. As you focus upon it see it opening….connecting you directly to the Halls of Amenti with your spiritual gifts, talents, memories and highest connections. Say aloud…”I (name) now claim the spiritual heritage of my Master Self. I request the return of all knowledge that will place me on my highest path, for myself, my soul mission and the ascension of all on Earth”.
  7. Now focus on the bright platinum of your Base Chakra and allow it to light up. As it does so feel your Higher Self connecting to you and refreshing your Mighty I-AM presence here on Earth…feel your vibration beginning to rise rapidly and state these words out loud – “I AM my highest self….all vestiges of limitation, separation or illusion dissolve from my life as I anchor my Master Self permanently here and now!”
  8. Take another breath in and out and focus up your beautiful Causal chakra just above the top of your head…see it glowing like your own personal moon and connecting to multitudes of sacred, high frequency souls. Unicorns, Archangels, Dragons and many others are swirling around you ready for you to invite them in…say “I (name) invite the illumined beings of the purest light to connect with me and assist me on my soul mission…I am supported at all times by beings of the most sacred integrity”
  9. Feel your Sacral Chakra lighting up now as you bring your attention to the radiant pink light flowing from it…feel it balanced and free from any past traumas, stuck energies or relationships. State aloud – “I (name) now call forth only perfect relationships in my life to support me in my personal happiness and my greater soul mission. All connections that do not serve me now drop away to be replaced by the love of my Soul Family”.
  10. Take another deep breath in and out and bring your attention to your golden Crown Chakra atop your head…feel it moving and shifting with liquid golden light and higher wisdom. Allow your Crown to fully guide your Mastery and your inner knowledge with these powerful words – “I (name) now command my own personal reality with the wisdom and knowledge that I hold as a Walking Master. I am my own guide, guru, teacher and font of higher-knowledge”.
  11. Now allow the light of your bright orange Navel chakra to begin to shine outwards…take a few moments to feel and see it connected to all aspects of the reality around you. People, places, plants, trees, insects…and then reaching out into the galaxy and the Universe connecting to the higher fabrics of our reality. Say aloud – “I now activate my personal aspect of the blueprint for the higher Global Community…the Atlantean Community of Light. I am at one with every Being of Source and an intricate part of the fabric of creation”.
  12. With another deep inbreath and outbreath bring your focus to your glowing Third Eye…feel it immediately expanding and clearing, glowing with pure crystal-green light. Say these words aloud – “I (name) give my Third Eye permission so see the unseen, perceive the invisible and to create the perfect reality for me. I acknowledge my power as creator of my own reality and state my intention to forge my new reality filled with light, love and grace for all living souls. I now unlock my full Master Potential”.
  13. Now bring your attention to your Solar Plexus and see it shining the brightest gold. With your eyes closed ask your Solar Plexus what it is receiving from your world around you…is it love or fear? Say – “I (name) take full command of the energies that I receive from my world and the people that I share it with. By the Highest Grace I now rescind all permission that I have given either consciously, or unconsciously, for others to draw away my light or connect their cords into me. I AM master of my body and fields!”
  14. With the deepest and slowest breath now place your focus upon your Throat Chakra and see it glowing the brightest radiant blue….every word and sound that your create has the power to lift and alchemise your surroundings into a higher vibration. With authority say – “I (name) now speak the highest truth with loving integrity at all times. My voice is a warriors voice, speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves and providing truth where truth is absent. I now reclaim my power of personal truth that has been hidden for so many years!”
  15. Lastly feel your Heart Chakra glowing brightly in the centre of your chest, pure white with flowing pink and golden light. This is your power core…the most sacred connection that you have to yourself, to others and to the reality around you. Out loud say – “I (name) hold the light of the Multiverse within the centre of my heart. I am light, I am love, I am purity and I am strength…I allow my heart to command my reality and transform everything around me to the highest vibration”.
  16. When you are feeling ready, open your eyes and come back to where you are sat. Happy New Year!

Image created by New Moon Art

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