610790_orig.jpgSomething is stirring. A deeper and more intense pocket of personal activation that is pushing the boundaries of this reality and the next one.

It appears that we have a variety of dimensional spectrums to take our pick from in our everyday existance, as the celestial wattage is turned up to a healthy 10.

We really are on the threshold now of a complete hand-over, a handing over of the previous paradigm and the open door of a completely new world.

One where the fast moving swirl of fifth dimensional light spectrums reflect back the inner state of our being onto the holographic screen of our existance.

This is a time for deep gratitude, positive aspirations, and as much love as we can find time for.

The New Moon today sets another clean canvas to paint upon, so find some sacred space to paint the next phase of your life in the brightest colours possible.

With the New Moons energy, we are introduced to a yet higher phase of the crystalline light body activations that we are feeling so intensely.

Sleep arrives at odd times.

Awakening at unusual hours becomes normal….

Confusion, tiredness or lack of enthusiasm for mundane tasks seems pandemic…

While this phase plays out, it’s back to basics.

Breathe and ground, spend time in nature, and drink plenty of healthy, blessed water.

Some have been mentioning a lack of contact with their guides and teams in etheric.

Don’t worry, they haven’t abandoned us..

Take the analogy of an electrician coming to work upon your house.

Before making changes to the fuse board, the electrician would first cut the flow of electricity.

Once the changes had been made, the flow would be restored at a much higher and more efficient level.

This is exactly what is happening here, and it’s a good thing.

Look inwards, take stock on what is being shown to you, and know that everything is exactly as it should be.

The higher we keep our light quotient during this phase, the faster we will move through it and into the next one.

Illuminate the new twelve chakra system, and allow light to flow to every facet of the four body system.

This really is the absolute core of the ascension process.

Much love to you all, happy Saturday, and a blessed new moon! ❤️

As Within So Without

As Above So Below

Stellar Gateway (Archangel Metatron) Radiant Gold.

Soul Star (Archangel Mariel) Bright Magenta Pink

Causal (Archangel Christiel) Pure White

Crown ( Archangel Jophiel) Pure Crystal

Third Eye (Archangel Raphael) Pure Crystal

Throat (Archangel Michael) Royal Blue

Heart (Archangel Chamuel) Pure Radient White, mixed with swirls of pink.

Solar Plexus (Archangel Uriel) Bright Radiant Gold

Naval (Archangel Gabriel) Tangerine Orange

Sacral (Archangel Gabriel) Beautiful Soft Pink

Base (Archangel Gabriel) Bright Radiant Platinum

Earth Star (Archangel Sandalphon) Swirls of Black and White. Sometime Grey.

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