9489453_orig.jpgNurturing our new Paradigm.

We are so close now. Tangibly close.

The energetic reality that has held our third dimensional reality together for the last 20,000 years is being swept away by the winds of vast Cosmic change.

In every single one of our personal spheres of reality, more continues to surface, clearing the emotional and mental patterning that offers fear as a response to the challenges and initiations that we choose to go through.

As beings living in the fourth dimension, we will be becoming increasingly aware of how fast our thought processes reflect back at us, and how our responsibility for our new paradigm grows daily.

Where focus goes, energy flows….

One thing I have noticed,is the dramatic increase in the efforts made by those wishing to hold this planet in a state of illusion.

How do we, as awakened beings deal with this?

Do we follow calls to arms to fight challenges to Love/unity however large or small?

I believe not, but I do consider that a balance must be struck. Awareness is key.

Be aware of what is going on around us, but continue to hold the crystal clear vision of the perfect outcome that is waiting just around the corner.

In doing so, we are taking daily responsible steps to ensuring the smooth and beautiful transition from one state of BEing to another.

I am speaking from personal experience here too…

Having written on this subject so many times, I see daily how easy it is to get hooked into the field of drama that is being played out in the media circus.

No matter what happens, how things may appear on a surface level, our transition is a done deal.

Nothing can stop this process occurring. The Earth, and all of us choosing to step into a fifth dimensional state of reality, will continue to do so with as much speed and grace as we allow.

Our new paradigm needs to be nurtured.

The Upper Realms are providing the help, Light and resources to instigate the movement, and we are increasing the flow by anchoring the energies with our new and expanded four body systems.

Did you know that your energy fields now extend around you for a 20 mile radius?

Every single thought, word and deed has a resonant effect. This immediately alters the construction of the matrix around others in our proximity.

Say for example, you leave your house feeling bright, lit up and fifth dimensional.

All others entering your space, even for short periods of time, will adopt this higher frequency.

This is how energy moves and forms/re-forms, by adopting its highest state of expression.

It is so very easy to change the world around you, all it takes is the decision to do so…

One of our greatest tools for this process is the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

Upon application, it dissolves density and replaces it with a higher expression.

See something that you don’t like? Violet Flame it.

Understand that every single action of this nature creates new light and opportunities for expansion…

Along with tools like this, and the many others available to us, we are more than equipped to bring in the new changes.

Ascension is just a thought away.

Lots of love to each and every one of you.

Tim/Thoth 18/10/14


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