IMG_0163.PNGI presented my first MindBodySpirit workshop in Birmingham yesterday, almost 2 years since I started sharing my knowledge publicly. I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite not feeling well, and it was a real honour to be there.

I have something on my mind that is very prominent at the moment, and as this is my blog, I’m going to share.
Authenticity. What does this mean to you?

To me, it means standing in your power as your true, authentic, glorious self.

My job as I have accepted my role on this planet, is to help everyone ascend into a higher state of physical and spiritual reality.

At the moment things are about as real as they get.

We have planned for this period of time for over 260,000 years.

Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Meso-America, Greece…all of these eras (and many more) were used to establish a culture of spiritual consciousness that we now pick and choose to embody.

The era we are now in is completely unique. The fire drill is over, and we are being asked to step into some very large shoes. These shoes are made for Masters, nothing else will pass the fitting.
As I was speaking yesterday, something became very apparent to me. Not everything that I said was what the audience wanted to hear…not many, just a couple.

I read the energy rapidly..the souls had come to hear me speak about angels, and all things light. Not the ins and outs of creating your own reality.

My job holds a delicate balance now, as daily I am choosing between presenting what people want to hear, or what I would consider my truth.

Truth is intensely personal to the person regarding that truth.

Many people have walked this Earth ‘speaking their truth’ with little thought as to how it affects others.

There is a massive difference between the truth that pops into the head, and then the mouth, compared to the truth of the Heart.
The reality of everyday life is shifting by the nano-second. The second an individual soul regards a thought as truth, then it is so. It is processed by the Universe and projected onto the holographic screen of their reality. There are over 7 billion truths running simultaneously in a varied array of dimensional spaces.

All we can do is pick the correct one for us, and live by it. That is the start of being responsible for what we create.

Over the next few weeks, the thought/manifestation/reality template increases by almost 1000%.

As my inner sources of knowledge guide me, we are living in a world where the primary Law of One has returned to established balanced living.

I see a smooth, seamless transition for this, fuelled by the increasing light and awareness of the awakening souls of this planet.

I myself have had my cage rattled on a number of occasions regarding this, as souls have stepped forward with evidence of disaster scenarios that have been predicted for millenia.

No thanks, we have the power to pick and choose exactly what occurs in the next Cycle. I choose love.
Wave two of the ascension process is here. Not wave one…this came and moved through with the massive Equinox surge in the Spring. The Autumn Equinox surge will be very similar, a bending of spacetime providing a cornucopia of expanded frequencies to build our 5d lightbodies on.

The core of the ascension process is us. We are keeping step with a planet that is doing what she has agreed to do, and we are making provisions to blend our energies with her in symbiotic union.

As we do so, we need to be completely self reliant.

Mastery, physical and non-physical means just that, Mastery of ones chosen tests and environment. At some point in the last 10,000 years, we collectively decided to make this more challenging for ourselves by embodying an internal process that I have aptly named ‘Little Me’.

Little Me process involves thinking that we are naturally small, incapable, and completely at the mercy of the reality around us.

My reality fails to accept this.

In the short space of two years that I have been working personally with souls on their path, I have seen a staggering increase in vibrations…in everyone that I have crossed paths with.

The only thing that is preventing anyone on this planet from stepping into the fifth dimension is self acceptance.
The time is now to accept who you truly are. Masters.

Glorious, shiny, powerful world changing Masters. Every single one of you.

There is no such thing as a ‘Higher’ and ‘Lower’ self..we are our Higher Selves, and have been all along. We just needed to remember this.

The next flow of energy will reflect to the sleeping how their action affect themselves, and the planet around them.

Once this has been navigated, as it swiftly will, the Heart will start its powerful guidance within these Souls. All we need to do is stand back, hold space, and assist if we are required.

Everyone is exactly where they should be. Everything is perfect.

And if it ain’t, then change it!
With love and ascension blessings,
Tim/Thoth 14/9/15

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