Bumblebee Jasper Crystal Skull


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Gorgeous Bumblebee Jasper Crystal Skull 🐝💛🐝
Size-L-8cm x W-5.5cm x H-6cm

Bumblebee Jasper is not actully a ‘true’ Jasper and is formed from volcanic material. It has a lively, high vibration and inspires the energies of grounding and detoxification within the natural wisdom of the stone. Ascended Master Lanto wished to attune his energy to this crystal skull and Lanto works upon the radiant Yellow Ray. Wisdom, illumination and service with joy are facets of the ascension pathway that Lanto mastered and his energy is as vibrant as the skull that he has chosen to connect with.
This crystal skull is unique and a powerful tool for the Light.

Love and blessings,

Tim 💛💛💛

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