Gold Pyrite Crystal Ankh


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Stunning Natural Carved Pyrite Ankh ✨🙏🏻✨



Size-length -13.5cm x Width -8.5cm


The ankh is the symbol that represents the fifth-dimensional heart-centre. It was revered in Atlantean times and has been ‘handed down’ through the millennia whereupon the original meaning was changed.

Iron Pyrite is very grounding, solid and surprisingly effective at holding/anchoring vibrations form the higher realms. It is also easy to program with instructions and energies in a similar manner to quartz. Crafted into the shape of an ankh the carving becomes heart-opening and highly protective.

This ankh has been attuned to the Gold Ray of Christ and also to the energies of the 2021 Lions Gate portal which is an alignment with Sirius and the Galactic Core.


Love Tim 🌟🔱🌟





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