Clear Quartz Crystal Skull With Tourmaline


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Stunning Large Clear Quartz Crystal Skull Filled With Rainbow’s,Tourmaline,Golden Healer ✨🙏🏻✨

Size-L 15cm x W-9cm x H-10cm

This is a very powerful crystal skull attuned to the Diamond Ray of Purification held by Archangel Gabriel. The skull offers psychic protection/grounding to those working with high frequency energy.

Archangel Gabriel is one of the primary Archangels assiting Earth and his Diamond Ray serves to purify all that is not light by alchemising its energy construction. The Diamond Ray also works with the Ray of Grace which supercedes all Earthly laws and allows for miracles to occur. It is an amazing energy to work with and this skull is the perfect companion for Lightworkers who are fully acknowledging their soul mission.

Love Tim 💎🧡💎

(This will be sent Tracked and recorded which is included in the price)