Large Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ankh


Stunning Large Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ankh 💙

Size-L-13.8cm x W-8.2cm

Lapis Lazuli is a sacred stone that was favoured both in Atlantis and Egypt as it has the power to store and enhance the power of wisdom. This ankh has been attuned to Ascended Master Thoth who lived and worked in the Atlantean Temple of Wisdom and Knowledge…those that recall this sacred time say that the temple was constructed of vast pieces of Lapis to enhance the Cosmic Wisdom held within.

This ankh will work closely with the wisdom of the heart and will also act as a highly protective tool for the Keeper.

Love Tim 💙💙💙

(This crystal will be sent tracked worldwide which is included in the price)🙏🏻