Clear Quartz Crystal Ankh


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Stunning Large Clear Quartz Crystal Ankh ✨


length-13 cm x 8cm


Clear Quartz is the most versatile of all the crystals and is a powerful conductor of spiritual energies. It also has the ability to record a phenomenal amount of information.

This quartz ankh carving has been attuned to Archangel Gabriel and his Diamond Ray of Purification. The Ankh will have the ability to attune to any other energies that the Keeper wishes to use and will never attract lower vibrations due to the manner in which it has been programmed.


The symbol of the ankh was revered in Atlantean times as it represents the Fifth-Dimensional Heart Centre both then and now. When kept close, or upon the Keepers person it will act to keep their energies clear and their heart centre pure and bright.


A crystal ankh is a delicate but powerful tool for the Light!


Love & blessings, Tim 💎💎💎

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