Ruby Zoisite Crystal Skull


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Gorgeous Ruby Zoisite Crystal Skull 💗
Size-length 8cm x Height-6.5cm

Ruby Zoisite is a powerful crystal for navigating this realm whilst connecting with your inner peace. It has a beautiful calming vibration that holds coding from Archangel Uriel (the Archangel of Peace) but really leans towards the inner work that is so essential for all of us.

When working with this crystal skull it will assist the Keeper to tap into the deep pool of Master Wisdom that is our spiritual heritage. This wisdom is accessed from a space of calm, detached clarity. The Deva of this crystal has requested that this be a primary focus whenever using the skull!

(This crystal will be sent tracked worldwide which is included in the price)🙏🏻

Love and blessings,

Tim ❤️💚