Dark Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull With Gold Rutile


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Stunning Dark Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull Filled With Sparkly Gold Rutile 💛💛💛

Size-L-10.5 x W-7cm x H-7.7cm

This gorgeous skull is filled with Angel Hair which is described by the angelics as ‘radio antenne’ to the Divine. The combination of smokey quartz and the gold rutiles is highly conductive which makes for a smooth connection to any aspect of the higher realms…they literally reach out and light the rutiles up.

Archangel Christiel has offered the Higher Gold Ray of Christ as the energy to be attuned to this powerful soul which serves as a ‘base energy’ to be built upon with any frequencies that the Keeper of the Skull wishes to work with.

Archangel Christiel (also known as Universal Angel) fully reconnected his energy to our realm via the Lyran Stargate which opened on the Spring Equinox of 2014. This made way for an incredible deluge of Christ Light to pour through to assist with the ascension of Earth.

Love and blessings,

Tim 🌟💛🌟

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