9357652_orig.jpgIt’s been a while since I have written a post, and the New Moon is a perfect time to tap back in again.

The energies are incredible at present, you only have to communicate with like minded souls to receive a reflection of this..

Wave after wave of high frequency energy is washing over the planet, and through every cell of our bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, driving the light body activation process at its maximum capacity.

How is this affecting us?

There are so many vectors involved that it is virtually impossible to put the situation in a box, and label it, like third dimensional egos prefer to do.

Some people are elated, some are struggling and feeling ill, some are being deluged with shining new information, and some are having to hold back and wait patiently for the process to flow through.

This just covers the tip. Every soul is on a classic and unique journey, and at times like this, there can be no counter-measurement and comparison.

You are precisely where you are meant to be. The Higher Self is now in full command.

This has required one of the most testing aspects of the human personality to lie down, roll over, and simply accept what is going on.

Resistance to change is mostly an instinctive survival technique, the ego wishes to defend its space, on the grounds that change is potentially dangerous.

The matrix within ourselves, and that within our planet is being rigourously purified, this is the final push.

2014 marks the year that the sub-construction of the Lightbody of our planet, and therefore ourselves, is completed.

The planet has been achieved first. The affect that this then has is to push the frequency of all those stood upon the surface to match the change.

There can be no other option.

Third cannot survive within the geometry of fifth, and visa versa. It’s the same as trying to fit a triangle into a circular space.

The Angelic Realms are leading the currect surge of physical purification, with the tireless help of the Mighty Archangel Gabriel.

Those who are aware or work with him will know his pure white, diamond clarity.

He is co-operating with Archangel Zadkiel, of the Violet Flame, to create a purification of all density that is hindering the ascension process in any way.

And it’s working.

Backing this team up are the Firedragons of Lemuria.

The portal in Honolulu was opened recently, fully activated, allowing the Lemurian team full access to do their job.

The Firedragons, as I have written about before, are one of the most incredible teams available and can reach frequencies that even the Angelics cannot access.

At this point in time, the only thing to do is be aware.

Anything that comes to the surface is just being presented to be honoured and released. Gently. And with flow.

Visualise yourself surrounded by the stunning frequency of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, and feel your fifth dimensional Merkabah expanding and touching all the other souls on this planet with high frequency light.

This is the invocation given to Diana Cooper by Archangels Gabriel and Zadkiel recently.

Whilst invoking it, ask Archangel Michael to hold your purified fields in integrity.

I AM The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame

I AM The Flame of Mercy

I AM The Flame of Joy

I AM The Flame of Transmutation

I AM Archangel Gabriel

I AM Archangel Zadkiel.

Love and blessings <3

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