file-13-05-2015-17-05-41.jpgA post on Facebook this morning prompted me to write this brief article, as it has been a matter that is on my planetary ‘to do’ list.There are myriads of sacred symbols that have been handed down throughout countless incarnations on this planet. Most of them originate from Atlantean times as this is the first physical period that this planet was focused on as a societal structure.

The Atlantean era began just over 260,000 years ago and followed directly on from the non-physical society of Lemuria, a sixth-dimensional continent that existed in the region of where South America is today.

With physical life came the third dimension, and with the third dimension came polarity…the energetic option to follow either a path of Light or dark. This intensely difficult learning option gave us a vital lesson in how we behave when stripped of our connection to Source and our Master Selves. This long and tempestuous period is drawing to a close…change is in the air, the light, the vibrations around us and the very ground we walk upon.

Our sacred symbols are our spiritual heritage. There are myriads of them out there, all representing a special energy or era that is triggered within our Lightbodies when we view them.My example today is the ‘swastika’. This symbol of the light was revered in Atlantis as containing the projected energy of peace and unconditional love, and many souls used it as such until the wars of the 20th century.

There is no such thing as a symbol of darkness. Any single symbol that is used with the energy of intent will contain the collective intent of those who are using it. Fear was a powerful energy in the previous paradigm and it’s time to rectify this scenario and return the energy to where it belongs…in an alchemised state of Light and Love.

Last year I ran the Crystalline Codes of Atlantis with Mark Lepus in Glastonbury. These codes came through as energetic symbols associated with our 12 ascension chakras. The Codes were used by the Priesthood and higher Initiates when training to hold higher light levels. As the symbols came through to me, I was naturally surprised (at first) to see the symbol of the Atlantean Cross (swastika) come through. As I matched the symbols to the relevant chakras, I found that it harmonised with the energy of the fifth dimensional sacral. The same/sound of the symbol is En-Sol, which translates to ‘Inner Sun’ in Atlantean.

Take a look at this symbol this morning and place it within your sacral chakras…..visualise the energy as soft radiant pink, denoting the manifestation of unconditional love within all of our Earthly relations.

Wishing you all love on this beautiful Thursday. Tim/Thoth 14-4-16 ?

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