IMG_0152.JPGSeptember is a month filled with a huge sense of expectancy.

Many spiritual forcasts, and circles of knowledge are indicating that it is another illuminated marker in this ascension process.
We have had wave after wave of high frequency changes applied to our planet since the Cosmic Moment, so what can we expect?
The human mind has a great love of drama, and the shifts on this planet have certainly provided their fair share of fuel for this.

As our manifestation template expands and increases within the third eye, our ability to create our own reality has moved to an almost instantaneous point of return.

Everything that we choose to focus our attention on becomes alive within our emotional bodies, before rapidly forming into tangible reality before our very eyes.
There are still a great many souls who are navigating the tail end of the clearance process.

This started en-mass as soon as 21/12/12 had passed, and has been very challenging, but we now have clear choices on a daily basis which dimensional space we spend our day in.
Currently there are four options to choose from. The old 3d collective that is still being supported by those who have not awoken yet, the 4d matrix in which Earth’s energy currently resides, the fifth dimension which is the target for our process, and 6d for those whos’ process has been rapid and very focussed.

6th dimensional energy is non-physical and can be dipped in and out of whenever Mastery is deeply applied.
For most of us its 4d. This brief window of energy is the groundwork, or foundation of the higher energies that we are laying for the next step.

As from September, this next step becomes assisted for everyone who has chosen to incarnate on Earth.

At the start of Atlantis, a law was created by the 144,000 volunteers and the Intergalactic Council as a template for spiritual living here on Earth.

As this saw the first physical bodies, the law covered all bases and comprised of seven Pillars of Wisdom…






Unconditional Love
Thus creating, The Law of One. As Within, So Without, As Above, So Below.
The Law of One itself makes the Seventh Pillar.
As from September, we will see the energy of this returning in its purest form.

Fireworks? End of the world as we know it?

Not really..but what we will see is the end of the ability to act out of harmony to the wishes of our Soul Essence, and pay for it another time.

Karma on this planet has been treated a little like a store card for the last 10,000 years. Take what you want, and worry about the bill when it rolls in sometime in the future.
The third dimension provided a wonderful, and necessary, opportunity for Source to see what occurred when souls were stripped of their connection to their heart centres.

Once the 5d heart centre comes online, there is no going back.

The ego can protest all it wishes….the heart will start its powerful guidance, drawing love, light and soul essence back into the four body system of the individual.

When September arrives, and the energies cascade down upon us, we will all be exactly where we need to be. Within our hearts.

There is no need to strive, worry, or assume the worst…we are getting our planet back. This is a time for celebration, and to start applying everything that we have worked so hard for.
Happy Sunday, with love and blessings to you all.
Tim/Thoth 23/8/15


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