img_0511.jpgIt’s a good time for decrees!

With the current Retrograde set-up everything we are sending out into the Universe is being amplified massively. Although these periods can feel very challenging, Mars in Scorpio (moving backwards) is here to help us.
The faster we leave our old skins by the shore the cleaner we leave the sea. This decree is a powerful statement of intent to shake off any patterns that we are caught up in, and these are usually the patterns that cause resistance and that feeling of ‘stuck-ness’
The ascension process is as easy or as hard as we choose to make it. There are still billions of souls who are receiving the energies but are failing to hear the call….let’s help them by helping ourselves first. We are the change we wish to see in the world.
Love, Tim/Thoth 28/5/16

“I, (name), in the Name of the Light and Under the Law of One, command the full activation of my Soul Mission here on Earth.
I command that all distractions and lesser circumstances be removed from my life so that I may transcend duality and dedicate my energy to the highest of Sources.
I invoke the Cosmic Godfire to incinerate any binding contracts that have exceeded their creative potential, and ask that the Board of Karma provide swift resolution to any situations that are repeating themselves pointlessly.
This decree is a statement of my intent to work above ego in harmony with my Soul Family and other Lightworkers here on Earth. From my higher perspective I understand that there is a unique key for every soul existing here on Earth.
As Within So Without
As Above So Below
It is Done

(Repeat entire decree three times, with power, facing the East at Sunrise or Sunset)

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