As the collective frequency has risen so sharply recently, many doorways have been opened.

Not just gateways into the Higher Realms, now joining their energies with the collective Matrix, but doorways we once closed ourselves for a very good reason.

Atlantis sank at the conclusion of the fifth attempt to maintain integrity of the continent, and with it sank a vast collection of sacred information.

To preserve this, a brave group of souls stayed upon the Island of Poseida, the last of the five separate islands, to ensure the structure maintained its highest light.

Poseida was home to the Alta, the priesthood of Atlantis, and from here all decisions were made for the highest good of all participating with the great experiment.

It was also home to the Amethyst Skull, which contained all of the sacred information gathered over 260,000 years.

Poseida sank last. As the highest point of Atlantis, the Temple of Poseidon was the final thing to see the waves. Housing the Great Crystal as well as the Amethyst Skull, this precious temple was the core of spiritual progression during the entire era.

The Lantern Holders were a unique facet of the priesthood that could embody vast quantities of light within their physical bodies.

They were the brave ones that stayed behind with temple as it sank.

Their sole intention behind this act was to preserve and illuminate the sacred knowledge within the Temple.

The Amethyst skull was teleported to its current resting place within the Halls of Amenti, having been raised to a sixth dimensional frequency to do so.

The Great Crystal sank fully active. This created the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle a hole in space/time, providing access to the fifth dimensional structures for anyone/anything that passes into its field.

It still draws its luminosity from the Great Central Sun to this day, and as the planet rises in frequency,becomes an integrated part of the Matrix connection points around the planet.

Although the physical structure of Posieda, and Atlantis sank, the etheric blueprint did not.

It exists still very much as structure of Light, and more of these structures are becoming tangible as we head rapidly towards the fifth dimension.

Recently, the true information contained within the Amethyst skull has started to come forth.

Contrary to popular belief, none of the 13 skulls of Atlantis have revealed themselves in physical yet.

Skulls such as MAX and Sha-Na-Ra did indeed spend time in Atlantis, but they are not members of the 13 primary skulls.

Their collective information was far too precious to allow themselves to be revealed in the third dimension. When the time is right, however, they will be returned to their rightful incarnated keepers.

As the amethyst skull has started to speak, deep from within Amenti, it has started to reveal the sacred secrets that moulded our most successful time within physical history.

Our ascension process now is very different to the peak of Golden Atlantis.

Golden Atlantis was part of a special operation overseen by the Intergalactic Council to see how far humans could aspire in a very dense environment.

The upper end of the fifth dimension was achieved for 1500 years, proving that expansive spiritual knowledge and dedication to the Law of One, could transform any environment into a haven of Source Light.

We have now completely concluded this experiment. It ended on the Cosmic Moment 21/12/12…meaning that whatever is occurring on Earth now is a ‘no return’ process.

We learned very deeply from the mistakes that were made, and also learned how to accelerate the process that is currently in motion.

Earth is approximately 18 years from achieving a full fifth dimensional Matrix status.

Everyone here is being pushed, by choice or otherwise, to change the behaviour patterns of the last 10-12,000 years in a manner that leaves no stone unturned.

Dark becomes light.

Negative becomes positive.

Shadow faces its own illumination.

This, despite the seeming lack of awareness by those still asleep, is a done deal.

If you chose to be on Earth at this time, your soul would have known full well this is coming.

Our planet will ascend.

The Amethyst skull is now part of our ascension process.

There are many facets to this, and many individual ways of achieving ascension, but the amethyst skull holds the secrets of the Alta.

Recently, as the skull revealed its first glimmers of its vast knowledge, the Earth took another massive rise in frequency.

Another one is in process now, fuelled by the deep activations of Hollow Earth, joining its vast Lemurian knowledge with the Star-born codings pulsed from the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Great Central Sun.

Helios and Vesta speak very clearly.

The skulls knowledge is available to all those who are drawn to connect with crystals…particularly skulls.

It’s light is joining the existing conclave of information that exists in the dynamic fields of our planet.

Relax, tune into this, and be ready for the largest part of the great shift to occur yet.

Wave two of the ascension process has started, and another 10% of humanity will awaken very rapidly.

And when they do, we will be ready.

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