1799583_orig.jpgThis is not my usual kind of discourse, but as my job expands, I feel that it is my privilege to share my observations on the current flows.

As my good friend Paul (Polaris AB) quoted over a year ago…’All that is ridged, shall be shaken’

Who’s feeling shaken then?

We are now the first week into a powerful Mercury retrograde, and this one is reflecting deeply inwards.

All hidden trinkets that have eluded the primary bands of energy, are now being highlighted in bright neon to be dealt with.

My chosen path at present is to focus on the individual ascension process. My knowledge of the chakra systems, and the 5d Lightbody are sourced from a pool of information that were experienced in Atlantis, where every soul there lived in a fifth dimension state for 1500 years.

What I am finding really fascinating is the personal experiences of the Masters that I have contact with, and have chosen to share this experience with me. This is just the start.

Whilst working on the new fifth dimensional chakra column, just shortly after the Cosmic Moment, I was amazed at how ingrained and tricky to navigate, the Sacral lessons were.

We all have our ascension chakras in place. This does not mean the lessons have ceased, far from it.

The current trend at the moment, particularly in the spiritual field, seems to be the focus of Twin Flame partnership, or ‘Unions’.

As with any facet of my work, or observations, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. This is simply my personal views I share.

The sacral lessons are now vibrantly active. A few souls I have encountered have already navigated this, and have come through the other side.

A vast majority of souls seem to be caught in the muddle that is created when sacral frequencies are mistaken for that of the heart.

I do not believe that this planet is in a Twin Flame ascension process.

Our ascension is intensely personal, an individual process.

Soul reunions are happening thick and fast, and when they do, the memories/emotions/personal feelings are very powerful.

The dissolving of the fourth Veil of Maya is providing precise access to past lives too.

This can be very overwhelming.

If you are reading this, and happen to have found your Twin Flame, top work. In a ‘normal’ Monadic soul group, there are 144,000 extensions that have projected themselves to all known corners of the dimensional Multi-verse.

A Soul Twin could be in any Universe, dimensional state, planet, or body that they have chosen. This is quite a high range of odds.

It is true that many have chosen to reunite back here for this process, but here comes the tricky bit in my opinion.

Twin Flame, or higher aspect relationships are not geared around, or focused upon, physical Union.

They are higher aspect reflections of energy relating, and represent the dynamics of this in a fifth dimensional manner.

Physical union is what has drawn souls together in the third dimensional plane, and due to the exploration of the ‘lower’ aspects of our Souls, has become a focus that this planet is now shifting attitude upon.

To be caught in this particular cycle of energy at the moment is a massive distraction.

This is the third dimensional sacral calling, not the 5D heart.

If your sat there waiting for your Flame to complete ‘you’ and make everything perfect, then the pain will continue for as long as it is allowed to do so.

The choices that are being made now, in this moment, have an instant affect on the individual, and everyone around them.

Although our ascension is intense, individualised and personal, we are also responsible for leading the planetary waves into their higher expressions.

This means that every thought, word and action has a resounding affect on the hologram being formed.

Many souls are making snap decisions to change the things that do not resonate with them. Jobs/situations/relationships and so forth. This is the primary indication that one is awake, but not necessarily in a ‘Master’ state.

When this surge of energy has completed its cycle, the results of the actions taken in the ‘now’ will be very apparent.

To make a life change, or jump, it is still the duty of the soul involved to ensure that any agreement, commitment, or responsibility to others is considered.

Karma, and the Law of One (As Above, So Below) is the glue that was created to hold this planet together.

It exists in fifth as powerfully as it did in third.

This planet is a tough school to learn on. It really is.

But we’ve done the hardest part now, and any pain or mis-alignment that is being experienced is simply there to be released.

Past life pain, and unsavoury density, is exactly why St Germain brought the Violet Flame back.

See Love, and Love will be there.

Much love to each and every one of you.

Tim/Thoth 28/1/15 ❤️

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