img_0349.jpgToday marks a day of incredible change on our planet. Sunday 27th March is celebrated as Easter Sunday in some parts of the West, and there has been considerably more occurring than meets the eye.Can you feel a change in the intensity?

Since the Cosmic moment in 2012 we have been existing in several different dimensional spaces during the course of our days. Wherever our attention flows our vibration follows and it has created an incredible mish-mash of frequencies to attend to. This was a necessary window to enable us to pinpoint our focus, and to bring us up to speed in our manifestation. The second we now think something it triggers within our emotional field, and is then printed into the biosphere of our reality.

This process took much longer to occur in the third dimension and I am sure you can recall the old process of ‘putting your order in with the Universe’. The Universe now responds instantly with the reflection of what we have put out there.

Today the Christ Consciousness anchored into our space with a permanent frequency, integrating with our higher hearts.

This is creating is a ‘no return’ for those of us who have chosen to follow the call of Spirit and assist with the ascension process here.

I remember reading an article channeled by Archangel Michael not so long ago..he was stating something that we all felt by describing how our physical selves occupy up to four dimensional spaces in one ‘normal’ day.

The third is the dimension we have just left behind. It still exists and we choose to occupy it by allowing old programming and patterns to repeat in our lives. Even though Earth is now fourth-dimensional, the souls still waiting for enlightenment keep this collective vibration active.

The fourth dimension is our ‘stop-gap’ between here and fifth….our training ground for Mastery. This is why it is such hard work…we are learning how to Master our lives again.

Fifth is our target and most of us achieve and maintain this during our day. The ascension process is now so well established that the only thing keeping people on the doorstep is their failing to acknowledge their own magnificence. This is changing fast.

The sixth dimension is essentially non-physical. If you are sixth-dimensional you vibrate at a frequency of pure, conscious light. This light can take any form and be any place that it chooses. Many of us are in many places at once as we send our intention out via this conscious light, and manifest our Selves at our chosen destination. This is mostly done on a semi-conscious level as we are preoccupied with our everyday lives, but as we grow in our abilities to manage SpaceTime we will do so with intention.

This is now a phase where we need to focus very clearly on holding higher light and space for those around us. The dimensions that we live in are becoming more clearly defined, as the Higher Earth Matrix takes another step up and solidifies at a fifth dimensional frequency. Those who are resisting this step of soul evolution will be presented with a choice as to which space they are to occupy. To stay in third and continue learning…or to step into the higher vibrations that are our natural state of Being. Let’s make sure that there is always enough love around for everyone, regardless of where their journey is leading them.

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 27/3/16

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