Updating of the Fifth Dimensional Chakra System

At the Cosmic Moment 21/12/12, our energy systems changed forever, preparing us for imminent ascension.

The first thing that occurred was a massive increase in our capacity to hold light within our four body system.

Almost instantly, our auras, our Merkabah system expanded greatly, in preparation for the volume of light to be received.

The Cosmic Moment was an intensely personal experience for every soul with a spiritual focus.

Some found it incredibly illuminating, others found it was the start of one of the most testing periods of preparation that their bodies have ever experienced.

In the short space of three years, we have jumped from the limited space that we have occupied since the fall of Atlantis, into an all singing-all dancing 4/5d energy body.

The only thing that needs to happen is the full integration of this reality into our conscious selves.

This is the biggest step. The falling away of the ego..the ‘Who? Little me?’ scenario that plays out constantly within our lives, as we come to grips with the magnitude of the power and creative capacity that each and EVERY soul on this planet holds.

My focus is ascension. We all have different jobs to do here.

Mine is to bring as many souls through this journey as I possibly can, by the date of 2032. This is when things get truly interesting, as Earth will have fully solidified its Higher Crystalline Matrix in 5d form. We will be stepping into new shoes that the Earth Spirit Gaia is measuring up for us, with every new morning that we awake.

Since 2003, I have been working on my fifth dimensional chakra column. This energy system is now a full reality for everyone here, the 3d system becoming redundant from the date of 21/6/14.

Those that have been working on themselves in this aspect may be noticing some changes to this system already.

We are only just touching the surface as to the capacity of this system, and already I am excited by the changes I see.

The fifth dimensional chakra column comprises of the following.

The Stellar Gateway, 18 inches above the top of the head.

It is gold in colour and is the chalice of receptivity for all incoming Stellar vibrations, and information.

The Soul Star, six inches above the top of the head. It is magenta in colour, and contains the active blueprint for all of our spiritual gifts. The information stored in this nexus of energy will go back through every lifetime that you have existed in.

The Causal, just offset to the rear of the head.

This moon white chakra is our full connection to the angelic realm, at 7d and higher.

The Crown. This liquid gold chakra now receives information processed by the Higher Self, and is fed by the upper three transcendent chakras.

Third Eye..this emerald crystal ball is our manifestation point. It is also the receptivity centre that puts information we receive into tangible reality.

Throat. This bright blue chakra is very powerful, taking the vibration of thought patterns into spoken manifestation.

Heart..bright white…The most powerful energy centre within the sentient form.

This is the point where pure love is accessed, and created.

Solar Plexus..bright gold. The fifth dimensional solar plexus is the ‘feelers’ within the body. Accessing all forms of surrounding vibrations, and analysing them for the Masters perceptions.

Naval. Bright orange. Those aware and using this chakra consciously, will now be fully aware of the complete interconnection between oneself, and all other forms of life on this planet.

Sacral..bright pink.

This beautiful nexus point has proved the most challenging to clear and assimilate. Containing most of the modern day challenges, those still working through financial/relationship issues will be clearing through initiations held here.

Base. Bright Plantinum…the identification of the Master I AM presence here on Earth. Incredibly powerful.

Earth Star. Deep grey, and a mixture of the Earthly Ying/Yang energies that flow through our planet. Our nexus of deep grounding.

The Upgrades.

Since integration starts at a field light quotient of 79%, the movement start fast.

The colours and attributes I have described are only the starting point of the body systems capacity.

The first thing that I noticed when working with other souls was changes within the heart.

Heart expansion.

The heart has 33 petals, dividing the opening into 3 ‘ascension sections’, and the 33 petals each representing a lesson of the heart.

Oddly, I’ve noticed no syncronicity in the order of these lessons. A soul can just have easily passed higher heart initiations, and still be working through lower ones when fully embracing the path of Walking Mastery.

The heart nexus is large and powerful. Once activated and used, it expands from shoulder to shoulder on the physical body, allowing an incredible inflow/outflow of love energy.

Crown/Third Eye Merge.

Once active, a Masters Crown and Third Eye start to integrate as a unified nexus of energy.

This then becomes a transcendent extension of the two, based around 6 inches in front of the forehead, and an incredibly powerful point of manifestation.

As the pineal fully activates, this chakra will solidify and become even more powerful.

By the time the Earth has gained the Higher Matrix energies permanently, we will be expected to have gained mastery of our own self creation.

I, for one, have noticed how finely tuned and rapid the thought/manifestation process has now become. And it will continue to speed up too…

Sacral Expansion.

This nexus of energy has proved a real challenge for many souls.

3d society has been so based around money and inter-personal relationships (the lower aspects) that the entire planetary consensus field has had to be cleared in order for this chakra to become free and flowing again.

This has been achieved by the diligent work of a number of souls, replacing the template of Divine Feminine/Masculine relating, so that the new energy is readily available for everyone.

Unified Heart Column.

This is the higher expression of the 5d chakra column.

As the light within a soul becomes brighter and more powerful, the nexus points become colourless, and more translucent. Shining with pure white and diamond energy.

Many are noticing that the column becomes unified, upon command, allowing the pure heart light to flow deeply into all aspects of physical/non physical existence.

These are simply my working observations so far. And there will be many more to come.

Love you all

Tim/Thoth 25/1/15 ❤️

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