IMG_4841-0.jpgWe have made vast movement in spiritual terms since the Cosmic Moment in 2012.Three intensive years of physical, mental and emotional clearance leading to the rapid expansion of the Crystalline Light Body, or Merkabah.

So many are finding their path, and their soul groups with whom to expand, and standing forth to take their place amongst those seeking the Golden Age.
The Golden Age is here. This is a physical paradise in which planetary harmony is a reality, as opposed to a pipe dream that souls talk about at workshops. Its happening.

All around us, the lights are switching on.

This is a subtle process, and based in the illumination of the 5d heart centre.

Everyone has a unique spiritual signiture, and an energy to represent. A piece to the puzzle…
I am asked a question very frequently..”what is coming next?”

There is much talk of the September event, I call it ‘The Great Shift’.

As I write this, Mighty Saturn resides in Scorpio, preparing the energy pathways for those awake to move forward in their highest light.

The coming period will leave no doubts in any minds of the intentions of Gaia to reclaim her fifth dimensional Matrix.
A 10,000 year period of Grace was offered to Humanity in which the third dimension was to be explored.

Following the fall of Atlantis, Source wished to explore human response to disconnection from their Higher Selves, and provided a dimension of polarity within which to learn.
This has now been explored to its full extent.
During this year, 2015, the largest personal transformations have occurred. The Earth Matrix is fully fourth dimensional, and every soul living here has access to their 12 chakra system.

The only thing that is standing between knowing, and not knowing, is availability of knowledge.
To cut to the chase, September is the month in which the flow gets amplified a great deal. Once again.

The end result of this is entirely down to the souls in a position of spiritual awareness. We know what to do, it’s what we do best…hold the highest vision and anchor the new light.
The thought/manifestation/reality process is about to take another big step up.

In June 2014, the entire planet moved into the fourth dimension.

This new vibrational set-up is the ‘inbetween’ step in the transgression from third to fifth…it is due to last for a very short period of time.

Initially, the predictions for a full fifth dimensional matrix was 2032, and I see this as happening much sooner.

September is the gateway that provides the upsurge.
What can we expect?

A shifting of the hearts of those who are still asleep.

Very recently, I have heard the expressions of those in a position of consciousness, expressing their concerns about the continuing behaviour of others. This is not our business.

Our business is to hold our vision in the highest light possible, and

send our illumination to the parts that need it most. The hearts of others.
The Cosmos is on our side.

The eyes of the entire Higher Dimensional Multi-verse rest upon Earth at present. The ascension process is a done deal…all we have to do is ensure that we, ourselves, are the change that we wish to see in the world.

There may be shifting of Earth mass.

The Pole Shift is providing a relocation of the energetic flows around the planet. Gaia allows her vibration to ‘let off steam’ in the areas where the deepest density has resided since the Fall. All is healed in the greatest event that the Galaxy has seen for a very long time.
So, Walking Masters of Light, NOW is the time.

Finish any residual programs, let go immediately of what needs to flow free…and most importantly, eyes on the prize.

Because its very very close.

Love and blessings to every one of you.
Tim/Thoth 14/7/15


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