Full-moon eve on 15th September 2016 was filled with a fantastic lightning display. This was not your average English thunderstorm, people close to it reported the odd lack of wind and the sensation of being ‘right inside’ the field of supercharged ions that were racing around the atmosphere. Behind the clouds the moon shone with nearly full force, bringing in the Pisces/Lunar Eclipse energy for the third time in three months.

This has been a challenging but beautiful Summer for many. I think that we can all agree now that the changes we have spoken about are being actualised into reality. The stripping down of the third dimensional Earth Matrix is visible in all realities, as the collective light field is anchored and spread throughout the Gaia Web.

As Lightworkers ,Earthworkers, Leaders, Peacemakers ,Protectors and Warriors we are now being called to our posts for the third phase of this rapid transformation. The process so far has produced some very powerful souls to step forwards, shining very brightly. Archangel Metatron describes this part of our flowering as the ‘Rough Diamond’ stage…clearly precious but in the process of being polished.

Every minute of every day we polish ourselves further. This is not a process of perfection as many Lightworkers had led themselves to believe, but rather a journey of Truth and Self-acceptance. Hard, physical and emotional graft that leaves the soul gleaming but the body and mind in need of recuperation. Many of us are still learning how to allow ourselves that space to regenerate by giving self love and respite when it is appropriate.

For the next three months we will be approaching the Winter Solstice which is the biggest influx of Cosmic Light on the Earth Calendar. A new group of awakened souls will be joining us during this phase as the light levels rise. This group will have chosen this method of awakening on a soul level but will resisting it on a conscious level, rather akin to a shaken coke can with the ring pull suddenly removed. Our job as ever is to hold vision and not be distracted in any way shape or form. I know many of you are tired and the distractions are countless, but we have come this far now and our ascension process is a done deal.

Living by our hearts is the fastest way through any confusion or uncertainty. If you strip our journey down we are simply shedding what we don’t need to take from one ‘house’ to another. Nothing is more liberating than realising that you are free even if the souls still in ‘power’ think otherwise. This is true enlightenment.

The Full Moon in Pisces tonight calls upon us to be fluid, to swim like the fish in the roaring river. The fish doesn’t care how fast the current is moving as it will play within this flow while it lasts. Go outside and look at the moon in all its glory, and if there are clouds then use your heart to feel it’s power. Wherever you are and however you are feeling, stop and breathe in the Light. And remember who you truly are… for this is The Key

With Love, Tim/Thoth 15/9/16

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