You and I incarnated at this time to assist Earth with the ascension process.

We have been holding the light, releasing the collective karma, releasing our personal karma, helping others, connecting to our higher selves/teams and we have been intensely visualising a transition to 5D.

In a nutshell we have been pushing for change and we have known that change would occur at some point. When you alter and replace a blueprint you change the very foundations on which the previous one was built…. the energy.

The vibration on this planet has now risen to a level where the old way of life is no longer sustainable. The school of 3D where we learned about ego, limitation and disconnection to Source ended in 2012 and the chaos we are witnessing is the existence of two conflicting fields that cannot co-operate with each other.

In order to move into a state of higher consciousness Humans are unchaining their shackles and stepping into their new roles. This is proving to be a very challenging process for the majority because of the effectiveness of the illusion that has been created. Fear has been both ruler and safety net in global societies since the Fall of Atlantis.

The concept of ‘government’ has existed since societies first began. Firstly, in the form of tribes and tribe leaders and later in ruling classes that sub-divided people into ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. By keeping the vast majority of people in a state of subjugation the governments of our planet have created an unsustainable situation. The global wake-up will not support this model for future societies. It is beginning to crumble before our eyes, but they are not handing this power back without a significant display of petulance and drama.

This article is probably a little more candid than many of you will be used to but the events in our reality call for a higher perspective with a healthy sprinkling of ‘truth’.

I placed truth in inverted commas because truth is entirely personal. My truth is not your truth (and visa versa) and this is making the world a tricky place to live in right now.

How many of you are waking up, taking a deep breath and facing your world without fear? How long do you manage to sustain this vibration?

Lightworkers around the world often have families, siblings, co-workers, children and others who are being drawn in by the fear surrounding the current events and this is one of the hardest aspects to work through. Our job is to hold the light now and maintain our highest reality…we are extremely well trained and will succeed without a shadow of a doubt.

As it is my job to do so I feel into this situation every morning, and I am picking up a very unusual thread of energy. I feel as if there is no ‘weight’ to what is going on out there…the news, the drama, the ‘infected statistics’, the potential social control and everything else that is being presented to us. Until I actually tune into the field of fear that has been created, I can only feel peace and happiness. My conclusion is that the drama is a collective fear release specifically designed to press the biggest buttons we have, and to give people the opportunity to review their lives before their consciousness shifts irreversibly.

I believe that a ‘viral infection’ is the body’s way of fast-dumping unwanted frequencies. A virus exists internally rather than externally so we create the circumstances that the virus responds to.

The rising light levels on Earth will be constantly pushing this within people and I believe that this is the perfect opportunity to closely review anything that that we currently have within our lives that is not serving our physical form. As Within So Without.

Focus on the light, the positivity, the truth behind the smokescreen and do not be pulled into the lower/astral collective that is being released for the many. We are paving the way for the New Earth and I believe this is the final time that mass fear will exist on this planet.

Sending you all lots of love ?

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