August is upon us again and with it the incredible alignment of the Lions Gate Portal. As a Leo myself I love this month, but as with most Cosmic Events it is not just a random celestial lineup for astronomers to observe.Everyone on this planet is now feeling the energy of change and not just the awakened souls. Seven point four billion people occupy Earth at this moment and more are choosing to incarnate, pushing the 5D frequencies to an inter-woven bursting point within the hearts of all.

Looking at our planet from a 3D perspective will understandably bring forth feelings of fear. How could life possibly be supporting positive change when everything seems to be going so wrong?

As the old saying goes, there is always darkness before the dawn and the sun is now starting to rise. As Lightworkers, Earthworkers or spiritual souls (the labels don’t matter) we are now called into our highest roles to enable the smooth transition of this ascension process. Wherever we are or whatever we are doing it is perfect for this point in time. There is no job too big or too insignificant for us, every single one of us is needed to shine our light in the manner that we choose.

On the Summer Solstice in 2014 I attended my first joint workshop as co-host in Glastonbury. It was a beautiful and incredibly hot day, and as I drove home I received information about the 5th dimensional chakra system. I was told that the blueprint for every soul on Earth to embody their 12 ascension chakras had been put into place, and that the higher energies were anchored to the point where we would never live in limited form again.

Since this point I have had the joy of witnessing progress and expansion that I could never have dreamt of. Soul groups from around the world joining together to empower their roles and remember who they truly are. There is not one shadow of doubt in my mind that we are now working at the level that we did in Golden Atlantis and will continue to rise in frequency with every breath that we take.

With the Lions Gate portal on the 8th of August we take another step into what is now pure creation. Our creation. Although this ascension process is fuelled and overseen by the Illumined Souls in higher dimensions, we are the driving force and it’s our responsibility to see it through as efficiently as possible.

With the opening of this Stargate comes an alignment of planets within our local Cosmos that is widening our Antahkarana bridge, and aligning our 12 chakras to receive a much higher frequency than before. The effect that this has upon our chakras is to unify them into a single column and form a Torus of energy down through our now spherical Merkabah.

The Merkabah still consists of the inter-locking pyramids (tetrahedron) but is now rotating so fast that the appearance is permanently spherical, indicating that our vibrations have anchored firmly into the ascension bandwidth.

Every one of you reading this will now be aware of (or learning) of your special places and higher connections that are fuelling your Mastery. This can range from Golden Atlantis to Ancient Khem or memories of your Star Homes that you left to assist with Earths ascension. I for one am humbly grateful for every single one of you, as you flower into a state of Enlightenment that is so natural that the last paradigm seems like a distant memory.

Wave 3 of the ascension wakeup will begin fully on the August Stargate. For us this is now another powerful downpouring of light, but for others it is going to prompt change that is no longer optional.

I consider us very blessed to have chosen our paths in the way that we have. When the Wayshowers responded to the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 we had ample time to find our niche and learn in our own time. The Sentinel Group (2012 onwards) have embodied vast knowledge and light in record time but this current wave (Wave 3) will require our full attention.

As the 5D heart opens the ego-self is forced onto its back heel in order to defend itself. This is something we are all very acquainted with, but look at it from the point of view of a soul who has never consciously acknowledged that the world they lived in was an illusion. There will be a great many of these people soon and their journey will be dictated by how much resistance they carry to the rising consciousness within themselves.

I believe the transition will be swift. Every awakened heart glowing with Light has the ability to alchemise density and create harmony around them. We have already created a smooth landing pad for the next phase and we will now be called upon to put our vast knowledge and Mastery into action.

There are many moments in physical history where we have been challenged and called upon to shine our Light, and we have done so even in the most turbulent times. This period is different because we no longer occupy a 3D space, we are in 4D rising which means that the energies are now completely on our side. There is nothing that we cannot achieve so let’s get out here and do it!

Much love, Tim

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