img_0312.jpgIt’s the first day of a truly beautiful month in England, or anywhere else for that matter. March 2015 was one of the most significant windows in our previous year, and this one is going to be even bigger.

Many people hold their breathe and ‘wait for impact’ when we speak of these shifts, but I refer now of brighter and easier times.

Since the Cosmic Moment we can clearly see patterns to our movement from 3D to 4D. Following 21/12/12 there was a period of recalibration where our Pioneer Soul Groups shifted their emotional and mental baggage. Personally and collectively this period was used to anchor the first waves of light, the 12 ascension chakras and establish our higher bounderies.  I regard it as the First Wave.

The Second Wave started on January 1st 2015 with the opening of the Lyran Stargate. This is when the real movement started with the recalibration of the entire planetary Matrix, an event which reached even the densest layers of the 3D collective. By the time we reached the final Blood Moon on the 28th September another 10% of the planet had awoken, and this opened the gateway for another two months of deep clearing.

Wave Three is about to begin as a physical reality. This period will see a further harmonising or balancing of the planetary dynamics, and may continue for some time.

Everyone’s experience of these energies is different as our ascension process is a deeply personal journey. It is a very individual mission with a unified goal, and has taken many thousands of years to prepare and plan for.

One thing that can be sure and certain is that we now have the choice to live as we are intended…. focused upon love within every thought, word and deed. As we rise in frequency the actions of those disconnected from Source become less important. The fifth dimension is a frequency rather than a ‘new place’ and the blending of the vibrations between third, fourth and fifth will allow the gentle opening of closed hearts in a manner that will surprise many.

Expect change because change is upon us. The March portal runs between the Solar Eclipse on the 8/9th and will continue until the Spring Equinox on the 19th. During this time the harmonising of upper dynamics will become a priority as Gaia rises in frequency beneath the soles of our feet.

During this time our Earth Star chakras will be uploading information from Hollow Earth into our Lightbodies, and our Stellar Gateway chakras (18 inches above our heads) will be receiving expansive information from the Great Central Sun. We are balanced now between these flows of energy whilst holding the highest light for those around us.

I am setting my intention to enjoy this period of time. The days move so fast now that it is easy to miss just how brightly everything around us is glowing…take the time to watch as it begins to glow even more. The fifth dimension is  a life choice that we are making every day, and the example is spreading to many others. Wave Three will be filled with joy if we choose it to be.
Much love, Tim/Thoth 1/3/16 ?

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