Happy Friday from the woods! Today Tim is looking at the Sirius Alignment and the energies that we can expect as we move into sight of the Lion’s Gate.
How are we approaching life and are we being authentic with ourselves and others? Tune in to find out more!

11th July – https://www.timwhild.com/events/light-integration-and-deep-healing-cocoon-with-tim-and-alice/

14th July – https://www.timwhild.com/events/sunday-night-ascension-club-with-tim-whild-event-6-the-halls-of-amun-ti/

23rd July – https://www.timwhild.com/events/programming-and-activating-crystals-zoom-online-workshop-with-tim-whild/

4th August – Live/In-Person – https://www.timwhild.com/events/the-lions-gate-workshop-tim-whild-in-emsworth/

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