img_0333.jpgAs you read this our energies reside in a very important window of energy. Some of us are experiencing a high level of physical symptoms to accompany the deluge of ascension energies that are coming to Earth.The first to receive and integrate these energies are the Pioneer Groups who are already awake, and have been for varying lengths of time. It’s our job to anchor and distribute this stuff and it’s not always an easy task.

The third wave of illuminated consciousness is now flowering within the hearts of a new soul group. This group have just received the first energies that will guide them to heart-based living, leaving the ego behind. The evidence is becoming highly visible in the changes that are being made to the societal constructions of the previous paradigm.

Once the Equinox is reached on the 19th March, we will notice a settling of the current energies. Those working hard for the transformation of this planet are really starting to step into their higher roles, and are receiving incredible guidance and information. All is exactly as it should be.

The more diligent our focus, the more efficiently this process runs. This is a team effort co-ordinated by the Higher Realms and executed by us on the ground. While this window of Light remains open it is incredibly important to remain focused on exactly what we wish to create and avoid distractions.

In 2008 the statistics for ascension (as given to me via AA Michael) was six billion souls. Why stop at six though?….there are currently seven point four billion people here on this world. This is not an ‘exclusive’ process, we will ascend.

As a soul group we have been preparing for this event since the dawn of Lemuria, and the point of transition has been fitted neatly into an eighteen year window. This window is currently filled with an incredible mixture of dimensional spaces, frequencies, distortions and energies. Very soon things will begin to look very much more like home.

Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp. Whatever you wish for you will receive…so make sure it’s shiny for you and for everyone else. And most importantly, enjoy this period. Ascension is only made challenging when we reject the challenges that we have created for ourselves.

Much love to you all.

Tim/Thoth 10/3/16

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