The first half of the year is complete and the longest day is upon us. At 12.04 am last night (British time), the moon opened a vast light download that is reflected directly from the core of the Great Central Sun. These are the Light Codes of Metatron (Sun) representing the Divine Masculine, and Shekinah (Moon) bringing in the balance of the Divine Feminine. Unity and peace are installed into the Light Grid to be activated within the window of this day.Our DNA is continuing to change now, things are moving quickly.

Speaking of quickly, has anyone noticed how fast time is passing? The illusion of seconds, minutes and hours is now controlled by our point of focus. In other words when we are in the moment, there is no time.

Wave 3 of the ascension process is well underway now. Two core groups are awake, the Wayshowers and the Sentinels, and the third group are currently yawning and rubbing their eyes. This is the group that has the greatest impact collectively.

In the ‘news’ and media there are a vast array of distractions, still attempting to tell us what to believe and focus upon, but it isn’t washing anymore. We are making our own minds up and and reclaiming our Mastery back.

On the 12th of June Uranus joined the planetary retrogrades opening the deepest vaults of our spiritual gifts and memories. After 10,000 years it has been decreed that we are to reclaim our spiritual heritage and the Earth Matrix has risen to a point of no return. We will never live in a third dimensional society again, unless we are choosing to do so for the purposes of learning.

The breathing space between incoming Light waves is now minimal. After the Cosmic Moment we could rest and integrate for 48 hours before the next volley came in, and now we are down to less than a day. We no longer need this time to absorb and recalibrate because we have all made incredible progress over the last four years.

I hear many people saying to me ‘but I don’t feel different or special. I feel stuck!’, but I see things very differently. We have all made the first part of this huge Cosmic jump in one piece and that in itself is an incredible achievement.

On an individual level it is now time to honour those soul urges. A commonly asked question is ‘what am I supposed to be doing here?’. My answer is to think back to the very first thing that caught your attention on the spiritual pathway…that very special something. That is usually a good indication of where your mission lies.

When I was 3 or 4 years old I used to fill my pockets with beautiful stones and bits of glass, anything with a vibration or memory of the surrounding area. Spirituality isn’t complicated, it’s actually the most natural form of living. What could be simpler than following your heart?

Fifth dimensional energy moves continuously. It does not stop or solidify, so remember to flow and breathe with every little task (or large) that is at hand.

The next six months promise to be a cocktail of change as disconnection from the old Matrix is a distinct and essential choice. We are our own guides, leaders and Masters. No one has the right to assume power over another and self-imposed authority has no place in the fifth dimension. We have the power to alter a scenario simply by thinking about it, so choose love in every circumstance as the collective energies are working with that vibration at their core.

Wishing you all love, and a happy Full Moon-Solstice. Tim/Thoth 20/6/16

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