On Thursday night I ‘popped’ home from Devon to run the Planetary Healing Zoom and was amazed at how powerfully guided the work was. I was expecting to be working specifically with pre-chosen locations but the 2.5 hour drive back to Dorset allowed me to have a good conversation with Archangel Metatron. His guidance was to target the waters of the planet, because group work is so focused and powerful and the seas of Earth are in desperate need of energetic (and physical) assistance.

He showed me that the fastest way to get high-frequency energy travelling around the world is to concentrate on the water due to the molecular structure/flow holding the highest quantity of Christ Light.

During the event other issues came to light and as group we helped to heal the collective communication systems of the marine life in the busier seas (off the coasts of highly populated areas), as the sonar frequencies used by ships has damaged them.

There was also a period where we connected to the Great Crystal of Atlantis and expanded its connection from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

I often know that work has been successful by the way that I feel the following day. Spirituality isn’t always about feeling wonderful (sometimes quite the opposite!) and the energy around me felt very heavy. If you throw a rock into a pond it stirs up the silt at the bottom, and when we work collectively to heal/repair or to raise the vibration it often shakes up density that needs to be alchemised.

In 2015 I was (re)introduced to an energy used in Golden Atlantis that specifically clears large stretches of land/water called the Golden Flame. Diana Cooper and I included a chapter about this in the Archangel Guide to Ascension but here is a simple visualisation to utilise it for yourself and the highest good of the planet.

Visualisation for the Golden Flame of Atlantis.

  1. Choose a crystal that you wish to dedicate to planetary work. It only needs to be pebble-sized to be effective.
  2. In your meditation or sacred space, close your eyes and begin to relax with your crystal in either hand.
  3. Call upon Archangel Metatron to fill your fields with a download of Light that is perfect for you…relax as you feel this washing through your four-body system.
  4. When you are bright and glowing ask Archangel Sandalphon to anchor your Earth Star chakra at its highest vibration.
  5. Visualise yourself sat on the top of a beautiful cliff overlooking the sea…it is beautiful, calm and the air is warm.
  6. Call upon the Unicorns to join you from the Lyran Stargate to bring you the Golden Flame of Atlantis in its highest form.
  7. High above you in the sky you see Archangel Christiel opening the Stargate of Lyra and a single golden Unicorn begins to descend towards you.
  8. The Unicorn can either be in the form of an ascended horse or it may look like the brightest ball of light that you have ever seen. Their vibration has become much higher recently.
  9. A pathway of pure golden light is forming on the sea in front of you and spreading towards where you are sat….with your eyes closed hold your crystal out and ask for it to be blessed and filled with the Golden Flame.
  10. You may start to feel your crystal physically buzzing in your hand. Allow a few moments (or as long as you like) for the energy to fill it.
  11. The Unicorn will be present in front of now and will have a specific message for you, or guidance for the best use of your crystal. Allow a few moments for it to impart this information to you and give you its highest blessings.
  12. Thank the Unicorn and take a few moments to bring yourself back into your body.
  13. Take your crystal that is filled with the Golden Flame and place it wherever you were guided. This is a powerful act of energy intention and the crystal will radiate light for as long as it exists for.

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