IMG_0180.JPGSeptember came and went with a combination of Mercury Retrogrades and Lunar activity of vast magnitude.Following the lunar eclipse on the 28th, a lot of souls felt a sense of disappointment as they awoke as normal and life in this dimensional space continued.

Nothing had changed, or had it?

Amongst the cornucopia of channeled promises and predictions came a very different energy. The energy of authenticity and the beginnings of Walking Mastery.

Walking Mastery is a term that is going to become quite familiar to many. The next book in the Archangel Guide series that Diana Cooper and myself are currently writing focusses on this phenomenon as it is completely unique to our current process.

In a nutshell, Walking Mastery involves holding an ascension light quotient within the confines of a physical shell. When this process starts as it did at the Cosmic Moment, our lightbodies and chakra systems completely change.

Those of us still here in physical, and this applies to over 7 billion souls, have agreed to experience this next step in the form we currently occupy.

It consists of….

1. an evolving physical body that is changing its needs and requirements to become pure and harmonious.

2. An expanded emotional body that has just spent the last four years dumping everything that it experienced in 3d.

3. A mental body that is dis-engaging its attachment to the ego-mind and rerouting its flow of energy via the heart.

4. An incredible spiritual field that contains our Master Blueprint and Christ-Consciousness Merkabah

5. An Adam Kadmon Ascended Master 12 chakra system that we became very acquainted with in Atlantis.

This is our template with which we move into the Golden Era, and for now it is more than enough to be utilising.

Walking Mastery requires some very intensive shifts in personal consciousness.

One of the greatest distractions of the last few millennia has been the dis-empowerment of souls on Earth.

Through various social constructions, we all agreed to experience just how limited we can feel when our light is dimmed, and our connections to our hearts are replaced with the will of others.

The first step of our new Earth is to change this. In order to do so we must first take absolute responsibility for every little thing that we create in this beautiful period.

Self responsibility is the first and sometimes the most daunting step on this pathway.

During the third dimension, many souls on the spiritual path became very comfortable with their external sources of guidance.

Angels, guides, souls who have moved over all contributed to assist us to move from unaware to aware of the higher dimensions that exist all around us.

As we have moved from the third dimensional space that we existed in, a great paradox has appeared to take place.

The guides, masters and angels have appeared in many cases to take a step back. Flows of information have become minimal, questions have gone unanswered, and in many cases promises have been made that have not been fulfilled.

This has led to a sense of disillusion and abandonment.

Why has this happened?

The short and easy answer is that we are now in a position of responsibility for our next phase.

The separation between Higher and Lower Self only exists in the mind of the soul that perceives it, and therefor as Masters of this new age, we now take the reigns for everything that comes onto our pathway.

One of the first actions of the Heart centre when it comes online at the start of the ascension process is to re-route the flow of energy from the ego to the thoughts of the soul concerned. At this point the heart takes charge of everything that occurs on the pathway of the Master, and life becomes simplified in its reflections.

This simplicity is only so if the soul is ready to let go of the things that were confining his or her spiritual existence. Many of the shake-ups that are happening right now are evidence of this happening in the lives of those around us.

This process is no longer a topic discussed within the confines of spiritual groups, likeminded souls or workshops. Its really happening.

The most beautiful part of this Ascension Spring is seeing souls waking up. When a heart illuminates, it is unmistakable in its light. This light then spreads to other hearts via the process of Cellular Chime, and the process increases and grows. It is now unstoppable in its momentum and regardless of some dimmer pictures out there, the matrix of the previous paradigm is dissolving very rapidly. What it is replaced with is down to us.

This next phase is a delicate one.

There are many out there who are still in a process of transition. There are also many that seek to use their knowledge to guide others.

To do so, we must operate completely under the Law of One. When stepping forward to guide others only do so when invited or, operating from a position of Grace. Its very tempting to assess the situation of another and replace it with a picture that ‘feel right’ from a personal viewpoint. Remember that every soul has chosen their position or pathway, and that ultimately that their heart knows what is best for them.

So, Walking Masters of Earth, what do YOU choose to create today? There are some lovely flows of energy out there and some beautiful spaces to occupy.

Go get them.

Love and blessings,


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