Hey Beautiful People

David Essery back again, stepping in for Tim one last time as he takes the rest of the week off.

Today I wanted to talk to a bit about Self Awareness and how critical it is to changing our lives.

The following is the link to the video that I mentioned of Dr Wayne Dyer telling the story:


If you would like to find out more about my event this evening, An Opportunity for Peace where we will be taking a step back for some much needed TLC after this crazy period with some gentle healing and loving peaceful energy, you can checkout my website here:


And finally my LinkTree, which contains all of the links to my social channels. If you have enjoyed this video and would like to follow me:


It has been such a joy to be with you this week in Tim’s absence, thank you all for sharing your beautiful energy.

Sending you all lots of love
David (Team Essery) 🙏💛

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