September is here beautiful souls! As I drove to the garage early to grab my coffee, I saw a beautiful mist over my local town due to the cooler night. With September comes the more grounded energy of Virgo which for many of us (particularly the Leos!) is a huge relief.

What a month we had in August! With the Lions Gate came the intense energy of change, positive rebellion and clear sight. The entire year has been orchestrated to remove the blinkers from 3D reality and as we speak our brothers and sisters are waking up around the world in their millions.

We now have four months left of this ground-breaking year and an incredible amount of work to do.

On a personal level I have been so busy, and my feet have barely ‘touched the ground’. On the 6th I ran the final instalment of Ascension Essentials with Carolyn Bennett and two days later David, Jackie and myself presented the Lions Gate workshop. This was two and a half hours of intensive personal work using the incredible visuals that David has created in order to get us all into the highest alignment.

With the very high energies there has been the inevitable pushback from the ‘other side’. We are making such incredible waves on this planet that every effort is being made to silence us as the 3D matrix goes into a state of alchemical disintegration.

As many of you are probably aware, I have had my Tim Whild – Practical Ascension page cloned repeatedly and the same has been happening to other prominent souls from around the world.

Last night before my final Zoom event of the month multiple attempts were made to draw people into signing up for the event from a phishing website. Just to remind you all…please only sign up for my events via and don’t accept friend requests/free readings from ‘pages’ pretending to be me. I do not send this kind of content out so please be vigilant and continue to report and block them as you have been doing!

This kind of thing is annoying, but it is to be expected. The lower matrix has now lost control of our planet and they are going to throw everything that they can in our direction. It creates extra work for us but in the grand scheme of things it is a positive indication that the job that we are doing is working at the highest levels!

What can we expect from the new month? Tomorrow at 06.23 UK time we have the Full Moon in Pisces which will provide an incredible wave of highly tuned and psychic energy that is sent around our planet. As so many people are waking up this will accelerate their ability to see through the illusion and clear the remaining fog from the collective Third Eye of humanity.

On Tuesday 22nd we have the Autumn Equinox which is going to be a springboard to restore balance, order and equilibrium to our world. Shortly following this Saturn ceases his powerful Retrograde on the 29th which will release a huge amount of energetic pressure globally…something that we have been feeling for the majority of the year so far!

Wherever you are in the world always be your Highest Selves! The speed at which this year evolved initially took us by surprise but now we know where we are going, what we are doing and exactly what to achieve. We are the change that we wish to see in our worlds!

Sending you all so much love, Tim Whild.

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