Reclaiming our Symbols of the Light

Over thousands of years many of our Atlantean symbols of the Light have fallen into the wrong hands and are being used for the incorrect purposes. These symbols and sacred numbers are everywhere and are seen frequently in media and films (and many other places). It is our job to reclaim them and use them […]

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The Temple of the Sea – Pain Release

Happy Monday lovlies! You are being invited to take a trip to the Temple of the Sea this morning to release any pain (either yours or other people’s) and to join the Masters of Neptune by the Great Aquamarine Crystal.

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Discernment and the False-Light Matrix

Happy April lovely souls! It is the 1st today and it the perfect day to talk about the 3D Matrix and it’s band of dedicated jokers. As we are raising our game they are raising theirs. Many of us have become very accustomed to relying on our sources of sacred information, but it has become […]

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A Visualisation for Inner Peace

Tim is working with Archangel Uriel this morning to clear all of the lower energies from our Solar Plexus, bodies and fields. Start the week feeling light and blessed!

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Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Happy Friday lovlies! Today Tim is looking at the ‘investment’ of our attention and our energies. As master manifestors we have often been tricked into placing our energy into the wrong pool for our soul’s growth. As the distractions grow louder and brighter on Earth where are you placing your attention?

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Grounding with the Heart

How did you all celebrate the Equinox weekend? The Full Moon/Equinox combination was so powerful and has opened energy doorways that many of us do not feel quite ready to integrate. Today Tim is using a heart-based tecnique to ground into the Heavens and to Earth…it is powerful, simple and effective.

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Shadow Work – Why?

Happy Full Moon and Equinox beautiful souls. Today Tim is looking at the reason behind the rise in shadow work that we are working through. Why do we have to do this and is the process deliberate and automatic? As the light rises so does the visibility of the dark spaces that we do not […]

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Connecting the Heart to the Third Eye for Truth and Clear Vision

Happy Monday everyone! Today Tim is using a technique to connect the 5D Heart to the Third Eye. We are in an era where we are presented with multiple ‘truths’ on a daily basis. Our personal discernment is THE key to our highest pathway. What do you wish to see in your world?

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Alchemising the Global 3D Matrix – Zoom Workshop 20/02/2020

Happy Friday lovely souls! This is a gift from me to you while I am on my break. It was recorded days before the first lockdown in 2020 and the focus/energy generated is very appropriate for what is happening around the world now. We are going to be alchemising even harder from now on! Love […]

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Ceremony of the Seven Suns

Happy Monday beautiful souls! This is a recorded visualisation to work with the light of the Seven Spiritual Suns. Enjoy, and wishing you all a beautiful start to the week! I’ll be back with the live recordings very soon. Love Tim ❤️ Artwork by New Moon Art by David Essery

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