Becoming Crystalline

What does it mean to become ‘crystalline’? Tim looks at the physical and energetic process of spiritual evolution that we are involved with and how it is affecting us.

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Archangel Mary with a Blessing of Compassion, Understanding and Unconditional Love

Archangel Mary has stepped forwards today to offer a blessing of love and understanding to everyone in the world who needs a bit extra

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Judgement, Compassion and Understanding

Happy Saturday! Today Tim is looking at the progress we are making and how we view the progress/awareness of other. It is an important gateway that we all face as we navigate our exit from the Matrix.

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Healing for Diana Cooper

As you may have heard, my good friend Diana Cooper is in need of collective healing. The Archangel that came from her card deck was Archangel Raphael (yes I actually pulled that card from the 44!). Please assist in visualising her restored to perfect radiant health.

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Ease, Flow and Grace

Today Tim is looking at how we flow when presented with challenges and initiations. The energy over the next few months is going to be intense depending on what we are plugged into.

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A Guardian Angel Blessing

The Angelics are coming through with something special for you today! Join Tim for a Guardian Angel blessing that is designed to bring you into the next level of your ascension process.

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Spheres of Reality

We are currently in a unique space where multiple layers of reality are intertwined with each other like a Venn Diagram. When will this end and what can we expect when it does?

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Archangel Mariel and the Magenta Ray

Join Archangel Mariel and Tim for a soothing connection to the Magenta Ray this morning!

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YOU are the Key! Friday Ascension Update

Today Tim is looking at the energy of the Uranus Retrograde, our relationship with the planet and ultimately ourselves.

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Facebook Live with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild

This is the most recent Facebook Live with Mia Kafkios and myself. We dip our toes into the new energies and talk about our upcoming webinar on the 31st August: Heal Your Relationship Template – Online Webinar and Activation with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild

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