Clearing your Energies and Timelines

Over the past few weeks we have taken in and integrated more light than ever before. Many of us are manifesting intense physical symptoms which require rest and a bit of t.l.c. 😁✨

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Grace and the Spiritual Laws

Today Tim is looking at the Spiritual Laws of our reality and how both 3D and 5D interact with them.

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Foundation Grounding

We are now receiving more Light than we have ever been asked to integrate! Today Tim shares a technique that he has been shown to provide a solid base for this Light in and to anchor it smoothly.

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Archangel Gabriel and The Hammer of Light

Today Tim is looking at a distinctive message from Archangel Gabriel and how it will be working with the energy of Lions Gate!

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Speaking via the Heart

Meditation Monday – Speaking via the Heart

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Leo Season and the Beginning of Lions Gate

Friday Ascension Update – Leo Season and the Beginning of the Lions Gate ☀️ Today Tim is looking at the start of Lions Gate and the best way to utilise the energy available to us.

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A Tree of Light

Tim starts the week with a grounding exercise to help you anchor the new light coming in!

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Contracting with Polarity

Today Tim is looking at the energy contracts that we are being asked to engage with as we move towards the Lions Gate. What are you agreeing to add your energy to? What reality are you choosing to exist within? These questions are becoming very prominent as we make the changes we need to live […]

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Archangel Gabriel’s Cosmic Diamond

Begin your week with a beautiful Diamond of Purification to clear your bodies, fields and chakras. Send this energy to any location or situation that you feel drawn to assis

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Expectation and Frustration vs Loving Kindness

Today Tim is looking at the rising level of frustration many of us are feeling with those who are still plugged into the 3D Matrix. How do we deal with this and is it actually our responsibility to?

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