Power and Responsibility

Today Tim is looking at how powerful we are and how we are often tricked into feelings of outrage and powerlessness. As individual and collective Masters of Energy we are being asked to focus on creating positive outcomes instead of providing fuel for the 3D Matrix.

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Using a Crystal to Clear Your Chakras

Today Tim is using his crystal to balance and clear four ‘problem chakras’, the Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus and Sacral using a simple technique. This same method can be applied to any other chakra at any time!

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Spiritual Protection

Happy Friday beautiful souls! Today Tim is looking at the subject of spiritual protection and how it has evolved and changed since the Cosmic Moment in 2012. How do we keep our light high, pure and clear when surrounded by dense energy? What is the most effective way of protecting ourselves?

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Activating the Atlantean Goldprint – Navel Chakra Meditation

Today Tim is working with Archangel Gabriel and Ascended Master Voosloo to ‘light the beacons’ for the next phase of our ascension process.

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The Alchemy of Love

YOU are a Master Alchemist! The vibration of love is the driving force of the ascension process and we are being asked to use every tool, gift and ability that we have to transform the world around us to match the frequency of our hearts. Where is your energy flowing right now and does it […]

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A Blessing from The Masters…Voosloo, Serapis Bey and Merlin

Today, Meditation Monday is being blessed with a Third Eye and Crown activation from Ascended Masters Voosloo, Serapis Bey and Merlin. Enjoy! My podcast interview with the lovely Kelly Vikings (also see previous post!) https://kellyvikings.com/podcast/ https://www.timwhild.com/events/core-… https://www.timwhild.com/events/the-s…

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The Core Fear Removal Mission

Tim’s Friday ascension update is looking at the latest mission from the Higher Realms to remove the fear triggers that keep souls bound to the third dimension. https://www.timwhild.com/events/core-fear-removal-for-lightworkers-and-for-earth/ David Essery and Tim Whild will be coming together for a powerful Solstice event…join us here – https://www.timwhild.com/events/the-solstice-june-2022/

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Liberation from Fear with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael came through very strongly with a message this morning as the Higher Realms begin an operation called Liberation from Fear (Liberatio a Timore). The 3D Matrix is making more further moves to ensure its survival and as we move towards the Solstice, Light Beings are beginning to ramp up the amplitude coming to […]

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Mastering Up

Today Tim is looking at the next phase as the 3D Matrix builds for another outburst. How do we hold the light, our frequency, and the frequency of the planet as we are presented with more triggers? We Master Up! On the 30th my interview with the lovely Kelly Vikings will be released on her […]

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The Gathering of the Masters

Today is a Full Moon in Scorpio complete with an Eclipse and the Festival of Wesak. Upon tuning into this energy Tim saw Ascended Masters gathered at all the sacred points of our planet, tuning into the 5D Grid with silent and loving intent. The Ascension Toolkit is nearly ready! https://ascension-toolkit.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ascensiontoolkit/ I would like […]

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