The Halfway Point

We are almost exactly halfway through our transition from 3D to 5D and on the threshold of the Lions Gate. How far have we come in the past ten years and how does our reality look to us from an enlightened perspective? Many people are percieving that we are now occupying a brand new Universal […]

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Calming your Nervous System with the Lilac Fire of Source

Today Tim is working with the Lilac Fire to calm and balance the nervous system which can often get ‘over-activated’ during high-frequency gateways or portals.

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Divine Tiredness

Today Tim is looking at the energy dynamics of where we are between Solstice and The Lions Gate. On the 23rd July we will be encountering the next powerful upgrades.

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The Navel Chakra Goldprint Activation

Today’s activation is working with the Golden Rainbow Fire and the Navel Chakra which will be playing a huge role in the coming changes to our higher timeline. Invocation to the Golden-Rainbow Flame. I AM The Golden-Rainbow Fire I AM the peace the world requires I AM the Power of Unity I AM the Essence […]

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The Glass Akash

Today Tim is looking at a very common but (relatively) unnoticed scenario that is being presented to us that he is calling ‘The Glass Akash’. This occurs when a small or large group of souls interact over time and create ‘realms’ of activity that affects everything in the current moment. These ‘Glass Akash’ creations are […]

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Shifting Timelines

The time between the Solstice and the Lions Gate is incredibly powerful. We are experiencing multiple realities that were once intertwined beginning to seperate and align with their higher potential.

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Holding the Goldprint

Today Tim is talking about the very high Light that we have recieved since the Solstice and how it is affecting our reality, and the people around us.

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Setting Up Your Day With The Violet Flame

Today Tim is working with the Violet Flame to alchemise your day with high frequency intention and Light before you enter into it.

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Taking Things up a Notch

Today Tim is looking at the energy we are recieving from the Solstice Gateway and how the Teams of Light are working between now and the Lions Gate. Things are going up a notch!

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Balancing the Light

Happy Monday lovely souls, it is Solstice Eve and the light is coming in very strongly. Tim is working with the bodies, fields and Stellar Gateway chakra this morning to assist with balancing the Light that we are receiving.

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