Lighting up the Earth’s Crystals with Tim Whild and Rosemary Stephenson

Yorkshire, England

Exactly seven years after the Cosmic Moment, Tim Whild and Rosemary Stephenson are holding a powerful one-day workshop to assist our planet to move into the fifth dimension!

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Awaken the power of Atlantis in you

Pullach, Germany

Already today we can feel the energy of the then Golden Atlantis in us. Now we just have to bring it to life and use it properly. In his workshop Tim wants to show us how we are going this way.

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Healing with the Angelic Realms & Preparing for the New Golden Age with Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson

Uppsala, Sweden

Silverdraken (the Silver Dragon) welcomes you to Sweden to participate in a truly amazing and transformational weekend together with Diana, Rosemary and Tim at the beautiful mansion like Norrlands nation by the river Fyrisån in the very centre of Uppsala.

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