Building our Atlantean Community – the Navel Chakra Zoom Workshop

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We are coming to the end of the most significant year of our ascension process since the Cosmic Moment. 2020 is going to begin with an astrological event that is expected to change our planet forever.

Every spiritual acceleration that we experience has an end goal which is to lift us from the limitation of the third-dimension to the higher, brighter climes of ‘5D’. Names aside, this is a shift from one vibration to another and we are all very aware of this now.

Many souls on the ascension pathway have navigated the ‘era of the Heart’ which begun in August 2017. This process has moved fast and now we are being offered the opportunity to start the process of global harmonisation. This is powerful work.

Looking around us now there may not be a huge amount of evidence of ‘harmony’ but everything is going to plan and the disruption is evidence of the mass wakeup of humanity. Smooth will follow the rough and the Lightworkers of Earth are setting a fast pace…all we need to do is keep it up.

The Navel chakra is the one physical chakra that has been added to our 12-chakra column (the other 4 are transcendent) and our next phase will be governed by the Navel. The Navel contains an intense blueprint that it will be instigating throughout societies worldwide.

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Learn about the Navel Chakra and how it will guide the next phase of our process
  • Work directly with the Navel chakra and connect it into the Atlantean Community Blueprint waiting for us
  • Balance and raise your energies to the highest vibration possible
  • Work with the global Navel chakra and assist humanity to move into the Golden Era smoothly AND with the least drama
  • Set your energies to be as receptive and as balanced as possible for the Winter Solstice (useful preparation!)

This is powerful Earth work. As a group we will be highly protected and guided by Archangel Metatron and the Intergalactic Council.

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