The Beloved Archangels Speak – Part 4 Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild and David Essery

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Join Tim Whild and David Essery for the fourth part of their 4 and final part workshop series where we will be connecting with and learning from eight incredible Archangels inspired by the teachings from “The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak” by Tomas Printz (yes, we have added an Archangel 😁).

In this special two hour long session we will be working with Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Ministration and Archangel Metatron, the Angel of Cosmic Ascension.

You do not have to have taken part in episode one, two or three of this series to attend this workshop.

Archangel Uriel

The incredible Archangel Uriel is known as the Angel of Ministration, he leads a mighty legion of Angels dedicated to providing care to those who need it.

During this workshop, We will learn how Uriel and his Angels attune themselves to the specific energy that each of those people need in order to best support them.

This is something that we can all do and we will learn how to tune our aura’s to specific energies in order to become a living embodiment of that energy and spread it out into the environment around us helping all those who need it.

We will also work with Archangel Uriel to anchor pillars of certain energies around the world to aid the ascension of the planet.

Archangel Metatron

The mighty Archangel Metatron is the director of Earth’s ascension process.

All angels, masters and other beings of Light take their directives from this magnificent being as he is overseeing our finely-tuned movement from 3D to 5D in record breaking time.

This workshop series has been dedicated to the Seven Beloved Archangels Speak by Thomas Printz and Archangel Metatron was not included in the book. Due to the more recent (close) involvement of Metatron in our lives, David and I thought that it was highly appropriate to include him.

During this powerful conclusion to our workshop series Archangel Metatron will be introducing himself in full! Prepare to bring the most powerful light that you have ever experienced into your bodies, fields and chakras.

Using the beautiful spiritual artwork of David Essery, he will take you on a journey to connect with your ascension process at the highest level and offer you the opportunity to become your Master Self.

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