Some of you may not be aware, but I am currently in the process of running a three part Ascension Essentials Zoom Course with Carolyne Bennet. As part of the first of these workshops, we did a Meditation designed to fully activate and purify your 12 Firth-Dimensional Chakra’s. We have decided to offer an audio recording of this meditation to everyone, free of charge.

This particular meditation (and the chakras) were first introduced by Diana Cooper in 2003 and has now become a part of our four-body system on a permanent basis. Every soul on Earth received the 12-chakra blueprint from their Higher Selves on the Summer Solstice of 2014. This replaced the 7 chakras that we have been living with since the fall of Atlantis.

The 5D chakra meditation can be done on a daily basis or as often as you feel guided to use it! It is a grounding, healing and sure-fire way to raise your light to align you with the higher energies.

If you would like to attend the rest of the Ascension Essentials workshops with Carolyne and myself, it isn’t too late. You can find out more and book your place now and receive the recording of the first event plus access to attend the next two events live.

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