Our Solstice month (June) was one of the most powerful that we have ever experienced and we received a light volume that exceeded the Cosmic Moment in 2012. The interesting part about this volume of light is that it is being sustained continuously from the day of the Solstice right up to the opening of the Lions Gate.

The Lions Gate is a date on the spiritual calendar that is of utmost importance. Every year we have multitudes of highlights to celebrate with Equinoxes, Full Moons, Astrological marvels in the heavens but none pack the ‘punch’ that the Lions Gate will deliver. Traditionally it occurs on the 8th August but I always see it as a 3 week event that typically ‘warms up and warms down’ as the Sun transits the sign of Leo during August.

Back in Atlantean and Egyptian times the Lions Gate was celebrated as our Earth aligns with Sirius and the Galactic Core. This provides a period where we are bathed in the most intensive Cosmic alchemy and to me it is always the period where real and noticeable change occurs.

In previous Lions Gate windows, we have been treated to alterations to our Matrix which are both structural and permanent. Most of the occurrences since 2013 have been ‘personal’…for example the Gate of 2017 saw every 5D heart on the planet trigger (and open) which then plunged the entire planet into a collective Dark Night of the Soul. That was the beginning of the changes we are experiencing now.

In 2019 Merlin and the Intergalactic Council set up the Storm Layer which runs at full intensity until this August and then it ‘downtunes’ for a further 12 months (until August 2022).

Last year we saw the collective removal of the 5th Veil of Amnesia which again has global effects as well as personal. Every one of you reading this will have personal experiences with the Lions Gate even if it is just simply noticing of the intensity of the energy.  

This year we are being asked again to ready ourselves for the light that is assisting to create our new world.

Wherever you are on Earth right now you will be receiving the same level of light as the other side of the world. Previously certain areas were targeted by the Intergalactic Council to alchemise them or bring them up to speed. Sometimes this could be perceived as a ‘pillar’ or column of light that would be downloaded to specific countries, cities or sacred points around Mother Earth. 

As from this year’s Solstice there is blanket coverage worldwide. If you tune into it carefully you can hear the ‘flexing’ of the old Matrix as it buckles under the strain. As this light intensifies over the month the 3D Matrix will continue to release old confining aspects of itself…to me this looks like guy-ropes on a tent that are being subjected to a gale-force wind.

Everywhere people are popping awake and seeing the higher reality that is available to them. Many will be unable to process this fully to begin with and we are asked to work with increased levels of love and patience even if we are feeling pushed ourselves. This is a critical point in the transitional process and it requires precise handling!

The integration of Light from a higher cosmic source is something that we are  well trained to do. Some of you will absolutely revel in these new frequencies and other of you may need to slow down a bit (or stop!) while they come in. Multiple gateways of light are open simultaneously as all Cosmic Lightpoints are participating in the assistance of our ascension program. 

As we ascend so does the rest of our connected galaxy. 

We have got some amazing events to join during July….here are the details!

7/7/21 – Balancing the 3D and the 5D World Оnline Workshop & Activation with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild

19/7/21 – Activating your Ascension Blueprint with the Council of Atlantis – Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

27/7/21 – Opening the Lions Gate with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild (details coming via Mia’s website)

On the 2nd August (which isn’t far away) I will be teaming up with my good friend Anubis for a Monday Power Hour and on the 8th David Essery and I will be running an event for the 8/8 Lions Gate. Details will be on my website very soon!

Sending you all so much love! Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp.
Tim Whild. 

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